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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Thursday, May 02, 2013

GE13 P70 Kampar, Perak: Lee Chee Leong vs Dr Ko Chung Sen

is becoming more interesting, because of a likely legal battle arising from Dr Ko's allegation 'that Lee had misused his approved permit (AP) to buy a RM3mil sports car'.
RM3mil Lamborghini: Lee To Sue Ko Over Misuse Of AP Allegation

Datuk Lee is well known in Kampar and surrounding state constituencies, having been a 4-term ADUN of Perak since 1990 (1-term Tg Tualang and 3-term Malim Nawar), and incumbent MP of Kampar, and caretaker Deputy Home Minister. He had served the respective constituents a total of 23 years!

Figures from Wikipedia:
1990 Tanjong Tualang, Perak
Lee Chee Leong (MCA) 6,783 54% Wong Yoon Choong (DAP)4,837 38%
1995 Malim Nawar, Perak
Lee Chee Leong (MCA) 11,444 70% Yew Swee Fong (DAP) 4,401 27%
1999 Malim Nawar, Perak
Lee Chee Leong (MCA) 10,678 67% Su Keong Siong (DAP) 4,699 30%
2004 Malim Nawar, Perak
Lee Chee Leong (MCA) 10,493 72% Hong Chin Poe (DAP) 3,603 25%
2008 P70 Kampar, Perak
Lee Chee Leong (MCA) 20,126 52% Keong Meng Sing (DAP) 17,429 45%

Dr Ko, a cardiologist practising in Ipoh, in his first election contest this GE, is taking on a well known and established local politician. He faces an uphill task in trying to dislodge a veteran, but I would not underestimate the winds of change blowing in this mother of all GEs, which could cause major upsets like in GE12 in 2008. The theme is change and a familiar face can even be a disadvantage. MCA is particularly vulnerable because it has become increasing irrelevant as a race-based party.

Kampar has developed much since the establishment of TAR College and University TAR, which brought along thousands of students who require all kinds of goods and services. Tan Sri Hew See Tong, octogenarian ex-MP of Kampar has been credited with this development. But it is not as altruistic as it seems because his gift of land for the university and/or college for instance, helped to increase the values of his remaining pieces of land and brought exceptional demand for his property development projects.

Another philantropist, Koon Yew Yin, besides providing no-strings attached scholarships, had offered Rm30 million to build hostels for students but was rejected because it might affect the market of existing commercial, residential and hostel rentals, and ultimately their prices
MCA likes to brag about the successes of TAR College and UTAR, but critics would put it as political initiatives, not because of choice but out of necessity because of the discriminatory policies which MCA could do nothing about.

Dr Wong Chin Huat, who is from Kampar, had made known his reason for supporting Pakatan in this parliamentary contest. He is actively involved in organizing activities and giving speeches at Pakatan ceramahs. He said he does not know Dr Ko, but he does not want Kampar to be the 112th seat which tip the balance in favour of BN when the results are known!


DAP MP candidate stands firm on AP misuse charge
PERAK 'Defying a police report and a legal notice served on him, Kampar parliamentary candidate Dr Ko Chung Sen is sticking to his guns that former deputy home minister Lee Chee Leong had purchased a RM3 million luxury sports car with customs duty exemption by using his parliamentarian's AP.
Lee's personal details in the police report attached to the legal letter and Lee's statutory declaration served on Koh show the former as the owner of a Lamborghini Aventador LP700 coupe V12 after cross-checking his IC number on the Road Transport Department (RTD) website database, according to Ko.'

'However, Ko stressed that he is not going personal with Lee who is his opponent for the seat, instead he's try to highlight that particular problem born out of government policy.
Rich exempted from tax questioned
He said that Lee (right) should not have used his AP to buy such a luxury car with custom duty exemption -although he has the right to do so - while the man on the street needs to pay tax even for ordinary cars.'


Update: GE13 results:

P70 Kampar (63,619)
Dr Ko Chung Sen (DAP) 26,863
Lee Chee Leong (BN-MCA) 21,463
Majority: 5,400;  Spoilt 816; Turnout: 49,142


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