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Government fed by the people

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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Monday, July 09, 2012

We need unbreakable car windows rather than tint

Almost daily I receive warnings on the dangers when going out: for a walk, while in a car, when in a car park, or just about anywhere. In fact, even by staying in can be dangerous. Yet our out-of-touch Home Minister got the gall to claim the security situation is not as bad as what people perceived!

I am sure by now, any email with a title that hints on 'be careful' and most people would not bother reading because there are many instances of duplication of effort by well-meaning friends or relatives. The following is one which I can relate to, because it is a route we often take when returning from Amcorp Mall:

"This was observed by my brother Nick,  today...

 Waiting at the Amcorp PJ traffic light before turning onto the Fed Highway about 2.30pm, we witnessed this incident about 6 ft in front of us:

 3 rows of cars were at the lights. A white new Merc was the 1st car on the right, front row. We were in the mid row, 2nd car in line. A motorbike with 2 guys (brown-skinned) on it rode up to the lights, stopping in between the tight space between Merc and the car in front of us. This is unusual in itself, as bikers tend to wait in front of cars at the lights. Another bike with one rider pulled up behind the first bike.

 The pillion rider on the 1st bike looked at the Merc's passenger window, swung an object in his hand at it, and created a hole about a foot in diameter in the passenger-side window, reached in, grabbed something, and the bike took off at high speed. For a small bike with 2 guys on it, it was extremely zippy. Probably a souped-up racer bike.The 2nd bike followed behind it, providing protection and cover in case anyone fought back or attempted pursuit during and after the smash-and-grab.

 It seemed like the grab took a total of under 4 seconds. The element of surprise was absolute, and no one was able to get their bike registration number. Especially as they took off not straight ahead, but towards the left of view. I was quite impressed how slickly they executed their heist and got away scot-free. If they put their brains and skills to make an honest living, they probably would go far in life.

 It drove home a few points:
-Locking your car doors while waiting at traffic lights is no deterrent.
-Tinting your car window up to the legal limit is no deterrent, as long as they can still see in.
-Anyone trying to intervene during the heist would not have seen the 3rd accomplice who was probably also armed with some weapon. Serious injury could have resulted to anyone rolling down their window to shout, or getting out of the car to help.
-Giving chase is probably futile unless you're in a very fast car with Schumacher skills to boot.
-driving a car that doesn't shout "I'm rich and you should know about it" helps a bit.

The media reports crime stats have gone down. Really? Given all the recently reported incidents of home break-ins, burglaries, robberies and abductions in mall car parks, snatch thefts using bikes and now, smash-and-grabs, it would not be a surprise if people start buying guns for self-protection on the roads and at home.

 Keep an eye out next time you're at the traffic lights. It's a different world today."

The above picture has been going round, for a good laugh!

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