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Government fed by the people

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Career options
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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Trials and tribulations of having a business

We used to have an office in Jalan Ipoh. One day, a man came into my room and asked for money. While talking, he noticed my letter-opener which I bought in Stratford-upon-Avon and took it and he ended up having a weapon which he could use. I reluctantly gave him Rm20.

Since then, we used to lock our main door, and open only to people known to us. We would tell persistent sales persons that we were not interested in whatever they were selling. Sometimes, I pity those school-leavers who had to make cold calls and almost always rebuffed by people. I was then selling houses, but for each project, the demand exceeded supply. So it was more a case of having to turn away people who wanted to buy. Anyway, there was once a salesman who could not take my rebuff by not opening the door for him, and he kicked our door before running down the stairs! It is common these days to see notice being displayed which forewarn salespersons that they are unwelcome!

These days, having an office or shop can be so dangerous, as the following story reveals...

What has happened to our country?

Shock and Awe

Three Saturdays ago, my brother Wooi Chi, who runs an insurance agency business from the 1st floor of a shop office in SS15 Subang Jaya, was alone in the office browsing through his emails. At about 11 am, he heard a buzz at the magnetic-controlled door and what looks like a courier man peering through the glass door. Since there was no other staff around, he got up and strode to the door and pressed the button to open the door. Next thing he knew, two Indonesian men burst in and one of them with a parang started chopping him on the head. He fell backwards and as the blood oozes out from his open wounds he lapsed into semi-consciousness. They rifled through his office, took away his I Phone, I Pad, notebook and his wallet. It was over in about 5 minutes. And the blighters bolted.

With adrenalin pumping through his body he managed to stagger down a flight of stairs, wobbled another 7 shops away and sought help from BP Lab. They administered first- aid and summoned an ambulance from Subang Hospital. Thank God for Good Samaritan at BP Lab and adroitness of the surgeon at the hospital, and after 104 stitches on the head, he survived. The attack was unprovoked, cold-blooded and brutal.

This seems to be the latest technique used by robbers and snatch thieves: To prevent victim from resisting or fight back, they clobber the victim first, just like President Bush’s famous
"Shock and Awe ".

The irony of the story is that my brother, who is also a lay pastor, feeds and provides shelter to the homeless, ex-drug addicts, ex-prostitutes (some of them are Indonesians) along Jalan Chow Kit and Tiong Nam in KL.

Over the weekend I googled "How to avoid being mugged" and "Delay and Defence" and checked with friends in the police force how best to survive in this concrete jungle of ours, where you are a prey and the predators are lurking out there.

They are two main areas I would like to focus on, namely: when you arrive early or work late in the office and when you are walking to and from your car. Here are the 4 Ds tips to survive: Delay, Detection, Deterrence and Defence

When You Are in the Office

Lock the main door or your room door (Delay)

Remember where are all the fire alarm and panic buttons located (Deterrence)

Practice on the fire alarm and panic button (Deterrence)

Look at the CCTV before leaving the office (Detection)

Ask questions before opening the main door (Detection)

Keep an umbrella next to you (Defence)

When You Are Walking To and From your Car

Walk with your colleagues (Deterrence)

Don’t use your mobile phone and be alert (Detection)

Don’t walk, but strode to and from your car (Deterrence)

Look around before getting into or out of your car (Detection)

Bring along an umbrella or tennis racquet (Defence)

When you get into the car, the first thing to do is to lock your car (Delay)

Carry a pepper spray in your hand, not in your handbag (Defence)

Bad things happen to good people. You are a soft target. Be Paranoid.

Chee Kong Chi
23rd of November 2011

I still can't get over the tips suggested, not only because CKC was admittedly being paranoid, but because once targeted I don't think the tips are of much use. My impression when reading them was 'what a life, having to go through all that just to go out!'. There is no easy solution to an increasing crime rate due to economic downturn and without our government improving security.

If that was shocking, the following video of 5 enforcement officers (believed to be plainsclothes policemen) who beat up a mobile phone seller is even worse, especially they being government servants.

They acted as judge and executioner in broad daylight. What happened to our law which provides for innocent until proven guilty?

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Anonymous said...

Do not worry. Next year an additional 400,000 RELA and PVR will be deployed for your security. The mister has guaranteed that the crime rare will drop.But still do not led your gaurd down.You also may be better off employing some ex policemen, RELA or PVR to be your personal bodyguard. I hope none of us will be faced with the situation you had to face. God Bless