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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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Prevent bullying now!
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Monday, April 22, 2013

Of course Michelle Yeoh has her right, and who are we to question if she is right?

There must have been enough comments in Facebook which warranted a reply from Dato Seri Michelle Yeoh, on her democratic right to support Najib.

If everyone of us can choose who to support, especially in the forthcoming General Election 13 on May 5, surely she has every right to lend her support to our caretaker PM. She does not have to explain to us why.

Being a former Miss Malaysia and a well known international actress (acted in a James Bond movie), Michelle Yeoh is no ordinary person. She has many fans all over the world, not only in Malaysia, and Malaysian political leaders are no exception. Even Pak Lah enjoyed her company and his pet project, the Monsoon Cup, involved her. She even bought an island nearby, if not mistaken. Her husband (or boyfriend), Jean Todt, also a Dato Seri in his own right, is very much involved as  some kind of tourism ambassador. Of course, he is better known among those involved in Formula One races.

Out of the many who held the title of Miss Malaysia, Michelle Yeoh is indisputably the most famous, and most successful in her chosen career as actress. Knowing her family background, she could have chosen to be a lady of leisure, either on her own or as a rich man's wife. But her career path could not have been possible if she had been laid-back and expect acting parts to be offered to her. I believe besides having the talent, she had to seek out opportunities at the right places and with the right people.

I think it is generally agreeable that men in positions of power and wealth and beautiful ladies have mutual admiration and need for each other. Our caretaker PM and his wife Rosmah are well known to admire international film stars and singers, and thanks to people like Jho Low's connections and networking, anybody they fancy can be arranged to have the stars come to Malaysia.

For businessmen, especially those who aim for mega projects, the best way to get them is to find out the things which a PM likes best. In the case of Dr. Mahathir, one of his favourites was opera music. So Tan Sri Francis Yeoh brought in Pavarotti. Do you think the late Pavarotti cared whether the people like the PM? In such a case, it was the right price which ensured his attendance.

We may not agree with the rationale of Najib in bringing in famous Indian actor like Shahrukh Khan; and quite recently, Korean singer, Psy; and then HK actor Jackie Chan; and just days ago, HK's Justin Lo, Taiwan singer-turned politician Yu Tien, Taiwan artist He Yi-hang and local artistes, as well as Michelle Yeoh,

to the mammoth world-record breaking 5500-table dinner in Westport.

To some, it was Najib's folly to think a massive crowd (never mind they were attracted by international stars) equates to popularity and votes at the coming GE. But we can be sure that the international stars came because they were paid the right price, if not, at least to return someone a favour or something. In the case of Michelle, being a Dato Seri has certain obligations, and having to attend a function when invited by the PM, is just one of them. Of course, if she chose to, she could make a statement by refusing, but then again, that would be making a political decision which a person in her position would be unwise to make. Some people even question why she agreed to act as Burma's most famous political detainee, Aung San Suu Kyi, and yet not support Anwar Ibrahim!


"She can do anything but she needs to take off the Aung Aan Suu Kyi picture of her frontpage of Facebook. It is misleading ... Aung San Suu Kyi symbolises a poor woman against tyranny but Michelle Yeoh represents wealthy who join the wolf pack," says one commentator, while another rejoined: "Portray Aung San Suu Kyi as fighting for her people but in real life totally opposite."

Michelle had earlier defended her joining of Malaysian politics.

“This is a democratic country," she declared.'

TV-version Suu Kyi flooded with condemnations for joining BN campaign


Anonymous said...

Please do not insult Aung San Suu Kyi
Anwar is never in the same league as her!

Anonymous said...

She attend the dinner in Port Klang organise by Tan Sri Tha,The head of Malaysia Civilise Gangster.

Najib was so desperated for votes and he had to paid the gangster to canvass the vote for BN.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

As a Tourism Ambassador for Malaysia, her boyfriend is paid a tidy retainer plus paid expenses amounting to a few million. That's a good reason enough to look after your own rice bowl.
And she is not ASSK, just an actor. We should not confuse faction with fiction.
In a democracy, not only we choose our leader but we also choose our roles.

Anonymous said...

dont even know how she won ms malaysia

Anonymous said...

The header, "Of course Michelle Yeoh has her right, and who are we to question if she is right?" should correctly be changed to "Of course Michelle Yeoh has her right, but we have the rights too to question if she is right"