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Government fed by the people

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Career options
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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Friday, April 19, 2013

Kit Siang without the Rocket - It is new but we have to get used to it

We know there is a coalition of 3 political parties in Pakatan Rakyat : PKR, PAS and DAP, which is still unregistered by ROS for reasons best known to himself. Who would have thought a letter from ROS has such far-reaching implications: that of DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang having to use PAS logo!

Looking at the bright side, why not describe it as the Rocket Man has finally reached the Moon!

It brought tears of despair to him because to avoid any possible legal repercussions during nomination day as well as during and after elections, he is forced to use another party's symbol when he is least prepared.

But there are two views which actually put this deliberate harassment by ROS as a possible blessing in disguise. It would in effect, fast-track closer cooperation among the three coalition partners...

Crossing the lines - BN's early strategic mistakes
by Dr Bridget Welsh


"The ROS letter to DAP yesterday brought out into the open the persistent use of government departments to threaten political parties, and it showcased underhanded tactics."

"The decision to deny the CEC of the DAP highlights BN’s tactical decision to use state power at the last minute to create disarray and sow confusion. "

"The impact has ironically brought in even more cooperation among the opposition, and the possibility of DAP now contesting under the banners of PAS and PKR has the potential to showcase a shared commitment. The opposition coalition emerged stronger from this move as it reflects confidence and trust in each other."


Naughty, dishonest ROS
by P Gunasegaram


'No comfort at all for DAP'

"Should that not give some comfort to DAP that it can contest under its own banner and put up its own slate? Apparently not, and here is where the conspiracy and plot thickens and links up with the other ingredients for a good, juicy stew.

What gives? If the ROS does not recognise the DAP’s CEC and has given notice to the DAP that it does not recognise the CEC before nomination day, how can the CEC make any legally binding decision on its slate of candidates? There is the possibility that its entire slate of candidates can be disqualified on nomination day itself.

Even if they are not on nomination day tomorrow, post-elections, it is possible to challenge the legality of DAP’s candidates. A compliant judiciary could negate the results of elections where DAP candidates stood. And if DAP MPs and state assemblypersons are suspended on Monday May 6 - the day after the elections - via court injunction, power can’t be handed over."

"Obviously, the DAP cannot and will not take chances, and unless it has iron-clad assurances that it can use its own logo and put up its own candidates, it will go ahead with its plans of standing under the PAS banner in the peninsular, and PKR for Sabah and Sarawak.

If they have to, it will be a major challenge, but the plot will backfire for those who may have engineered this whole thing. It will only help to push the somewhat disparate partners in Pakatan Rakyat even closer together and hasten the day when they will all stand under one banner.

And it is going to sicken further all right-thinking, reasonable and responsible Malaysians who badly - very badly - want to see elections fought on even terrain with everyone given equal opportunity to express their views and get their message across. So no one has an unfair advantage or obstacle.

Any measure which further enhances Pakatan Rakyat’s image as the underdog will help the coalition more than it harms."



We can use this popular song too: The Moon Represents My Heart  月亮代表我的心


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Anonymous said...

Diharapkan YB LGE tidak menggunakan Plan A beliau dgn mendahului watikah DAP takut SPR akan gunakan kuasa membatalkan pencalonan calon2 DAP.teruskan saja dgn memberikan watikah pencalonan dari PAS.bimbang SPR akangunakan kuasa mereka dgn tidak menerima dan terus menolak watikah kedua itu nanti.fikir2kan lah circumstatnce yg tidak kita duga nanti.dlm keadaan yg Genting ni pihak DAP .harus memikirkan semasak2 nye.demi menumbangkan Umno dan BN bersama2 lah kita bersatu dengan teguh.selamat berjaya calon2 DAP.