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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TM makes it difficult for cancellation

Just as I have expected, cancellation of service is usually made difficult so that any inconvenience because of having the subscriber himself or herself be present or any document required, works to their advantage because any delay means charges remain incurred. Below is a copy of their reply (with my highlights in bold) to my notice of canellation by email:

"Thank you for your feedback. Our automated feedback system has forwarded your request to us for our attention and reply. 

Referring to your feedback dated 10th December 2012 on termination query, we would like to inform that termination process can only be done at TMpoint. Therefore, kindly 'walk-in' to any nearest TMpoint at your area and bring along relevant documents such as follows in order to submit to our personnel for further action: 

1. Identity card. 
2. Letter of authorization with IC photocopy of account owner (if you assign someone on behalf). 
3. Letter from Commissioner of Oath (if you assign someone on behalf). 

You are able to search for the nearest TMpoint at our website as follows:

For your kind information, the minimum subscription period for the line is 12 months. If you terminate this service before the end of the subscription period, then you will be required to settle the subscription fees for the remaining months.

However, for Streamyx termination during the minimum subscription period, customer shall be liable to pay to TM all fees for the service outstanding to TM from the date of such suspension or termination until the end of the minimum subscription period. 

Upon conducting an internal investigation, our records show that your account D20615-973-0101 due to non-payment of your outstanding bill amounting to RM91.20. Kindly be advised to clear your outstanding balance if any, before request for termination to avoid your name being blacklisted in our system.

For further assistance or feedback, kindly e-mail us at . Alternatively, you can also contact TM at 100, choose language and select "Product and Services".

We hope we have addressed your concerns and look forward in serving you better."

Hello TM, please give us the benefit of the doubt when we want to cancel your poor service.

It would have been better if TM could confirm whether I have subscribed for at least 12 months instead of having me to check my record for it. Wouldn't it be better to state the fact since you will act based on this?

As for the oustanding bill, you make it appear as if I am a poor paymaster. I am sure it relates to the latest which I have yet to receive. What happens to the pro-rated amount of Rm36.00 which we had to pay because you wish to synchronize your billing? I can't wait to cancel straight away if not because the subscription is under my wife's name.

Update on Dec 13:
When my wife went to TM Point to cancel TMnet subscription, a salesgirl asked her why she wanted to do that. This is a typical response from sales staff because their job is to increase sales. Any termination of contract is perceived to be a bad reflection on them for whatever reasons. Anyway, she was told that a notice of 14 days is required for termination (hardly surprising), but it was not mentioned in their letter in response to my notice by email.

Well, I can tell them what was wrong: just imagine a technician telling you he knows what is wrong with either your modem or computer but refuses to adjust the settings because of company policy. For someone who knows how to, it is a matter of a few minutes to enable a customer's computer connect to Tmnet. This little gesture is worth more in customer satisfaction than millions spent on advertising.

A friend was so angry with TM's support service to get his telephone working that he quarreled with their staff. After a number of complaints and repairs which worked for a couple of days each time, he refused to call 100 and insisted on seeing the person in charge. He asked a staff member who wore a badge, 'Can I help you?' whether she knows what it means because he needed help yet she could not. A senior technician came out from his office and called their own technician (speaking in Tamil), as a last resort. Here again, the trend of outsourcing has its problems. There is a standard minimum charge for a contractor's staff to make a house call, and I am sure management would advise against using them unless necessary. So everything becomes impersonal and inefficient: every complaint is handled by a call centre which will decide on how best to handle it. Frequently, there was breakdown in communication as well as delay in attending to complaints. When a customer threatens to use a competitor's service, he is likely to get a 'Suka hati' (If it pleases you) or 'Saya tak kisah' (I'm not bothered) because the effect of one less customer is so immaterial to a big company. But if such an attitude persists among staff members, then slowly but surely, the effects will be felt.


ChrisLo said...

The f... this morning I went to the TM Point of Subang SS15 and the counter says cancellation can only be done at Taipan USJ.

Mahendra Rao said...

can download from interner the tm termination letter ??