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Government fed by the people

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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Good people lose out in Malaysia

Being conscientious, you are likely to be a loser financially, in the hope that good karma will prevail later on.

In Malaysia today, we read of corrupt leaders in charge who are able to control all institutions, and continue to lead exceptionally luxurious lives. All accusations against them will not stick and they can continue doing so with elegant silence. But I am not going to touch on that because I am not privy to such information and at best, provide some publicity by highlighting some articles or posts in news portals and blogsites.

Being an ordinary citizen, I am bothered by discounts given to bad paymasters by government institutions in their course of debt collection. On several occasions, even Police offered substantial discounts to those who did not pay their summonses. Being conscientious, I for one, would pay promptly for any offence I have committed (thank God, I learned from such mistakes because I was affected by such personal financial losses). But we have come across people who showed their contempt by tearing any traffic offence ticket to impress people. Just imagine such people are likely to be given chances several times, and eventually had to pay only 50%! How would you feel, if you had paid 100% promptly each time? What lesson does this practice of condoning bad paymasters tell you? That it is better to wait for future discounts? I am not even touching on the possibility that key political leaders' cars could speed with impunity, accumulating summonses which were later cancelled by those with authority within the police hierarchy.

I have just read that PTPTN is offering 20% discount to certain debtors who meet their criteria. Again, I would feel for those responsible students who repaid according to what they had committed when signing up for the study loans, who would feel unfairly treated when compared with those who can now pay with a substantial discount. This is nothing when compared with those who were omitted from the system (was it deliberate?) each time they tried a new computer database system (lost in the process of migration of data!). How convenient indeed! There is even a possibility of phantom cases which benefited certain culprits before and were deleted during the process, thus left no incriminating evidence.

In the past, we have had local authorities that offered prizes to those settling their assessment arrears. A friend won a Kancil in a lottery for those who paid a full year's assessment instead of half year. Was this necessary? Then occasionally, we read about certain influential people's companies owing a few years of quit rent and assessments without any action taken against them.

I am not a fan of Ibrahim Ali, but what he said about Muslims losing out in business because they cannot be involved in sinful businesses like massage parlours and the like, is also true if you are a non-Muslim with strong principles.



Anonymous said...

Don complain lah,,if u 1 2 pay promptly go ahead... why bother abt people pay late n get discount..

Anonymous said...



when one does the right thing

there is always an angel taking note

and probably another toting up

points for our future in the Hereafter.

Of course this is only good for the

people who believe.

Sometimes the wheel of life plays out

like a 'snake and ladder' game. We

get a boost when we do not expect one.

For eample we met a long lost friend at the airport who

gave a tip on a stock that would be good to buy

and the tip turned out to be true.

In 'taiwan tornado' the grandmother told the grandson

it is important that one does not loose his self

respect because if he looses that there would be

nothing left. One can always work for money and

wealth. I would say paying up one's due

is a matter of self respect. One may look

rich but if he does not pay up his 'hutang'

like some unmno dude , then he has nothing

left to be proud of...

By the way I need to know how to get the

translation for the tvb series when it is

running with basic controls. Can anyone help?

khong khek khuat