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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Hello! Hello! TM? Is it Goodbye then? (updated)

Last Thursday night I had no internet connection... so soon after my post, 'TM, service or disservice'? ...made me wonder. Anyway, called 100 to report fault and was promised a technician will look into it within 24 hours. Friday morning, just after 9.00 am, got a call from TM asking about the problem and promised to come but without fixing an appointment. Soon after, got three calls but each time, no voice but a monotone from a machine giving the impression there was problem with my telephone line and presumably TM. But I could actually make and receive calls. I did not join my friends for breakfast that morning. Waited in the house for the full day (did not want them to give an excuse that I wasn't in when someone came round) but nobody called nor turned up. Each time I complained, they reconfirmed my mobile number, yet nobody called my mobile. Friday night, called 100 to complain again, quoting my report number to save repeating questions and answers. The person tried to reset for me but realized he didn't know how because my modem was not supplied by TM.

Truth be told, each time I consider terminating my TM account, my wife would oppose for some reasons about easier and cheaper to make and receive international calls or that her iPad needs wifi. But the frequent connection problems and the bad service had affected me to the point of asking, 'Why must I put up with such nonsense? A compromise would be to retain the fixed line but cancel the internet service. I am also put off by TM's unilateral decision to a one-off pro-rated charge to synchronize their billings which costed me Rm36.00.

On Saturday, at 4 pm, I visited our local Maxis agent and collected a few brochures. The most relevant to me was the one on Wifi for home use which starts at Rm59 pm (3 GB, 7.2 Mbps). After listening to the explanation on the ease of use and the 7-day trial period, I decided to sign up. Of course, I do not know how my usage will be affected by the 3 GB limit until I have tried it for a month. It seems after the 3GB has been used up, the internet service remain but throttled to 64 kbps, which must be almost intolerable by today's standard!

By the time I visited Maxis outlet again and left with the items, it was almost their closing time at 6 pm. Because of the smooth sales talk (esp. on ease of use) I was lulled into thinking it was almost like a plug and play without the usual setting part. Though it was pre-set before I reached home, for the whole evening, I could not use, because when the modem was switched on, the initial green light turned to yellow. How was I to know that for notebook use, I still need to connect the broadband cable before the green light comes on? I am still baffled at this because I am using a Maxis sim card which should be the same as that meant for the mobile phone in terms of coverage. For this explanation, I need to wait till Monday. At the Maxis outlet, I did not take note whether the modem was just plugged for power and it was ok when I used the iPad.

If everything turns out well, for the initial 7-day trial and then for a month, then it is goodbye to my friend, TM... at least for the internet part. The fixed line thing is more because most relatives and friends have the number, but then again, they have our mobile numbers as well, haven't they?

Update on Dec 10:
Somehow, after a test done at Maxis outlet, I was able to get connection (modem showing green light) with just the modem and cordless phone base connected to each other and both plugged in for power.

For Rm59 pm, the 3 GB mentioned was actually a combination of 1.5 GB (8 a.m. - 2 a.m.) and 1.5 GB (2 a.m. - 8 a.m.). In case, this daily quota is sufficient, one can opt for the 8 GB (4 GB + 4 GB) at Rm79 pm. Alternative, one can add Rm8 (for 0.25 GB or 0.75 GB); Rm12 (for 0.5 GB or 1.5 GB); Rm 18 (for 1 GB or 3 GB); or Rm30 (for 2 GB or 6 GB), according to the times mentioned respectively. So there is flexibility for certain days when there is an unusual demand because of more users in the house.

This afternoon, at about 12.30 pm, I got a call from a TM technician asking for directions to my place. After some tests, I was shown that the internet connection was ok externally because he could use his smartphone and notebook via his TM modem. When asked to connect my notebook to his modem to prove that it was my modem which was the cause, he refused because according to company's procedure, he was not supposed to touch the settings of my modem nor notebook. In other words, TM is responsible only for supplying internet service to the house and it was up to me to fix my own connection. Again, it shows the inflexible attitude of employee because of company policy. He said he knows what's wrong with both my notebook and modem, but alas, he cannot do anything! So, to cut a long story short, it is goodbye to TM Wifi. I asked and was told that I have to go to their TM Point for the cancellation. I have tried by email and waiting for their response.

Update on Dec 11:
For TM's requirements for cancellation of service, please refer to my later post.

I wish to add a little info on Maxis home wifi. I tried using a USB driver (which I had used for Digi Prepaid Internet before), using the Maxis sim card meant for the modem. After initializing and installation of the device, I could use it! In other words, I can use the sim card for occasional use of my notebook when on the move. To sum up, with the Maxis home wifi package, I can use it at home; use the cordless to make calls to any local operator for free (monthly 100 minutes, 10 sen per minute thereafter); or use the sim card for my handphone when I am without credit and when I am not using wifi at home; and use it for my notebook in areas without wifi coverage.


Mohd. Kamal bin Abdullah said...

Having you tried claiming for a REFUND on the period of non-service of Internet use. TM will inform you that you need to call their Finance Department, and YOU NEED TO DO IT WITHIN FOUR (4) DAYS OF THIS DISRUPTION.

Today's worlds, everything is CONNECTED. TM would have everything in their record. Why cause inconvenience their their customers....just review their daily report and deduct accordingly.

BUT when it comes to REFUND for non-usage due to their inefficiency and delay, it will affect their PROFITS and no claims allowed.

TIME for everyone to be made accountable and if for whatever reason, service is not provided a minimum fine of RM50.00 must be imposed similar to the way if you fail to pay your bill on time, a fine is imposed to restore service. WHAT DO YOU SAY????

KoSong Cafe said...

I have complained about this but never thought of claiming, knowing how difficult it is likely to be. Thanks for the info, hope others will do so.

I think most big companies are into taking advantage of their customers. For eg., Astro and Maxis won't charge for upgrading service but Astro charges Rm10 for any downgrade in service. Banks will deduct your cheque amount (even if issued to another bank) by the end of the day or the next day of your using their ATM. But cheque deposits might be credited but unavailable until later. Similarly, I found M2U will pay your payee 3 days later even though they deduct from your balance immediately. Just imagine the overall amount involved even if for just 2 or 3 days.