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Government fed by the people

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Career options
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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Friday, December 21, 2012

My Maxis Home Wifi experience (update)

 I signed up for the basic Maxis Home Wireless Internet package at Rm59 pm, on 8 Dec. Maxis has a different way of controlling usage - in terms of GB memory space. This is so different from those based on usage in hours. Therefore, I had to try it out myself before I could tell whether the basic package suits my usage pattern.

Being new, I tried using the sim card provided as intended: in the wifi router. Then I tried it on a USB drive, and I even tried it on a handphone. All successful (not without problems though) and I was pleased with its versatility. However, I have also encountered problems with wifi connectivity for reasons unknown. It could be due to settings, if the sim card is not meant for use other than wifi via the Maxis router.

A few days ago, when I first used it for M2U online share trading, I was disconnected after only a few minutes. I attributed it to having used up the low quota which I have subscribed for. But then again, I was able to use it for other internet purposes - like my usual checking of emails, updating my blog, checking of updates by friends in Facebook, and so on. The disconnection was due to some other reasons, as I was to find out later.

This evening, on Dec 21 (13 days since signing up, but actually 11 days of use) I received notification that I had used up my quota for the month! Honestly, I do not know how it works. At first, I thought the 3 GB (but actually 1.5 GB for 18 popular hours and another 1.5 GB for 6 off-peak hours) refers to bandwidth, though there was no mention of that. I was expecting spurts of normal use until quota was up, then throttled to slow, in an on/off manner over the month. But with the latest notification, I know it refers to the cumulative memory space used (depending on the sites I visited) and that I have reached the limit based on my subscription package. I have a choice of ordering for more GB of space or opt for upgrading to the next level, which is Rm79 pm.

The problems I faced in trying to do so, leave me in no doubt that Maxis is just like any other company, and that is, it cannot live up to its own sales pitch. For example, I tried using the cordless phone to call 1800 82 1123/2000 but seems unable to. Then I use TM's fixed line to call and I managed to get through to Maxis call centre twice, but each time, when I was supposed to be put through to someone, it went silent! I was disappointed because I was expecting Maxis to be better. (Claim: 'You can have peace of mind with our dedicated 24/7 award winning customer support.')

Another Claim: 'You can continue using the service even after you have finished your monthly allocated quota. There will be no extra charges, but your speed will be throttled.'

Fact: I tried to sign up twice unsuccessfully because of 'Server down'. I cannot connect because there is a 'no internet access' shown under my User name. To put it simply, I am stuck! Instead of just being throttled to a very slow speed, I felt I was throttled to death instead!

Managed to get through to a human and was told to try browsing any site to see if I can do so. I could, despite the sign on my computer stating I have no internet access. This is supposed to be the state of being 'throttled' until I order for more memory capacity! I was given another telephone number 1800 82 4663 to order in case I cannot do so using their website.

To my pleasant surprise, I have just tried visiting a few sites like Facebook and Malaysiakini and was able to do so despite my 'throttled' state. I was even more surprised when I could get into M2U to check my bank balance, and even went into online trading mode (at 10.30 pm, ie. after trading hours) but unable to transfer fund from trading account because of time restriction (6.00 am to 9.00 pm from Mon to Sun).

Update on July 14:

Only after 7 months of use that I get to know the basic package is meant for only one user. I could be wrong, but recently, my wife's iPad could not connect with it. I checked the settings and when asked, keyed in the password, but without success. Even with my notebook off, I could not connect the iPad to the network. Then I realised my notebook plug was still electrically connected, though switched off. Perhaps, by switching it off, there is no further restriction and another gadget could use the wifi connection. What this means to me: that what Maxis giveth, it taketh, knowing that I refused to top up despite my quota for peak hours was used up! Incidentally, Astro (owned by the same boss, AK) has also cut off one particular channel which I watched occasionally - 735 - where I used to watch UK tv programmes for a bit of nostaligia. Was it only for me to try out for a few months (from the time I stumbled upon it)? I wonder.

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