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Government fed by the people

Government fed by the people

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Career options
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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!

Prevent bullying now!
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My first visit to KLIA2

We used to pass by the exit junction (entrance to KLIA2) on our way to KLIA. Last Sunday was our first visit and it helped a lot with my son driving instead of me having to find our way. Since Cheng had checked in via internet, we had time to spare, so instead of dropping her off at the departure lounge, we looked for parking instead.

BK didn't like the idea of using Touch n Go simply because of the additional 10% charge on top, which explained why I was charged Rm4.40 for an hour at KLIA 3 days ago, thinking the rate had been increased. It is silly of TnG to profiteer instead of encouraging more people to use their card. Btw, instead of buying a new TnG card for Rm10, you can top up TnG for the first time using your new Mykad, without having to pay extra Rm10. In fact, once I topped up Rm100 at KLIA and got a soft toy gift too. The gift could be a promotional thing.

The parking charges in KLIA2 are the same as KLIA at Rm4 per hour. To avoid this, many cars could be seen waiting along the road leading to the airport.

As commented by some, KLIA2 is as much a shopping mall as an airport. The whole complex was expansive (as well as expensive to build) and I am sure it takes time to walk from one place to another, which is why there are indicators on the walking time required to get from a gate to the plane.

While Cheng was checking in, one of BK's Japanese slippers gave way at the usual stud point. Luckily, there was a rubber band on the floor and he could use it to tie it from the bottom. Well, it lasted without having to buy an expensive pair at the airport! Cheng's luggage was overweight by 3 kg and she had to take some clothes out. Despite that, it was overweight by more than a kilo but she wasn't charged for that, presumably being human, the Air Asia lady took into account her effort in trying to reduce the luggage weight.

Later, Cheng texted to say that her Swiss knife (gift for a friend) was confiscated at the security scan because they found both the knife and a kitchen knife in her hand luggage. In her hurry to unpack from her trip to Africa and then repack for Thailand, she must have forgotten about those knives. But why confiscate only the Swiss knife? Must be because it has more value or usefulness than an ordinary kitchen knife.

McDonald is convenient for those sending off people at KLIA because of its proximity to the boarding entry points. We found their new McCafe good in terms of good coffee and reasonable prices. Similarly, at KLIA2, there is a McCafe near the boarding points too.

KLIA2 is certainly not meant to be low cost like LCCT which cannot even compare with a Tesco supermarket in terms of building quality.


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