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Government fed by the people

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Career options
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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!

Prevent bullying now!
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Friday, September 05, 2014

Change of internet service provider

As part of my life long education in IT and internet-related matters, what better way than to experience more than one ISP's services?
I started with TM cable broadband, with the so-called 'unlimited usage' at Rm66 per month which was upgraded to Wifi at Rm90+ with some free calls thrown in. My perception was that any restriction in terms of speed and downtime was considered anything but. But the last straw was when there was connection problem and the technician said that he knew what was wrong with my notebook and the router, but he cannot touch them! He might have his rules on this, but to an average customer, that attitude seemed unacceptable.
Then I subscribed to YES when it was first available in Batu Gajah. I was apprehensive with their 'subscription for life' or something to that effect. Somehow, there was a minimum fee of Rm30 per month and I got the impression that I cannot find closure when I terminated the account. At the time, I got the impression (rightly or wrongly) that after termination, any subsequent re-activation would incur outstanding fees for the period when it was closed! However, I was reassured that they will waive such charges.
Then I switched to Maxis Home Wifi which basic package is at Rm59 per month for 3GB, split into 1.5GB each during peak and non-peak hours (8.00 am - 2.00 am and 2.00 am - 8.00 am) respectively.
Even with restraint on viewing short video clips, I found myself being notified that I have used up my peak hours quota, after just 10 to 14 days! Somehow, I felt the notification could have been deliberately set prematurely to encourage customers to top-up. Reason I felt this way was the speed seems the same even when it was supposedly at throttled speed for at least a couple of days.
Being a patient man, I continued using the internet, even at throttled speed until the beginning of the following month. The throttled speed was initially set at 64 kbps and later increased to 128 kbps.
Each time when I was at my son's place in PJ, I used his Unifi connection to enjoy some Youtube clips, especially those old music videos which bring back memories. But since my grandson started to know how to use the iPad, I had to give way to him. He used to like Sound of Music's Do Re Mi, then Frozen's theme song, and now getting hooked on Angry Bird and other games. Since he is allowed to use the iPad only when we visit, we often ask him whether he missed me or the iPad! But it is proven that he wants me to be with him when he is using it. So I am not allowed to rest when he is using it: 'I don't want Ah Kong to lie down or I don't want Ah Kong to read book (newspapers)'. He would point to the chair beside him and tell me to 'Chor chor' (sit in Mandarin).
On Wednesday, I accompanied a couple to a local IT shop to help ask relevant questions before they sign up for YES. They asked several places before but still blur on some basic information. Anyway, they were already set to sign up and it helped when I knew what their concerns were and got them answered by the person who attended to us.
I was impressed with YES's packages on offer and since I already knew BG has excellent YES reception signals, I asked to check my account to see if my account had been blacklisted for being overly critical before. It was negative which also meant I did not run away from any other creditors.
The last time I checked with the local Maxis dealer, I was told that for termination, I had to go to Ipoh and to return some equipment. Before rushing there, I checked with Maxis by phone calling their special '123' line to speak with someone. Then my call was passed to their termination centre. As expected, I was asked questions on why I wish to terminate the subscription. Apparently it was being recorded for use by management later. Put simply, just the restriction on use (half of quota to be used during off-peak hours) compared with another ISP which has no such restriction is good enough reason. I was lucky to have checked by phone because I was told I need not return the equipment (having subscribed for longer than the required 12-month) and that termination could be done over the phone, effective within half an hour!
On Thursday, I visited the local YES dealer... only to be told that they do not have stock of the equipment (huddle hotspot) which I wanted and I have to wait until Tuesday! What a difference a day made! I was there just yesterday. So it is either I go to Tesco Station 18 (likely to have stock) or wait till Tuesday.
Later in the afternoon, took a drive to Tesco 18 and found the shop dealing with YES subscription. Again, it was out of stock! Was told it should be availabe the next day. On Friday, went to the same shop but found the person in charge out for lunch. Waited and then spent time checking out some low end China-made mobile phones. Huawei is having promotional offers of discount on their range. But I had to get the YES wifi first before I could try out the new phone. Then I was informed there is another YES dealer at the other end of the complex. Sure enough, it was a temporary setup but more important, it has stock of the huddle I wanted! Signed up for the 4 GB package at Rm68 per month and tested it with my iPad which I brought along. Then with the huddle hotspot, went to the phone shop to try out the new phone. Bearing in mind the constraints of a lower end mobile phone (compared with iPad), I had to accept its limitations. My decision to buy a new phone was prompted by the failing battery of my old one. Instead of buying a new battery, why not a new phone?


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