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Government fed by the people

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Career options
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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Change of ISP: From boiling pot to frying pan, and back to boiling pot? From YES to No and back to YES...

I was really disappointed this morning, when after using the internet for a while I was directed to YES website, indicating that I had used up my quota. But as it turned out minutes ago, it could have been a technical hitch soon after a major breakdown in YES service. While filling frustrated, this was what I drafted this morning for posting:

'Briefly, I was a YES subscriber before until I was put off by their minimum monthly fee of Rm30 which gave me the impression that even after termination, would be liable for the missing period had I re-subscribed later. Apparently, this has been done with, but I am still apprehensive in registering for YesLife!
Recently, I stopped my Maxis Home Wifi subscription and started on YES again, thinking it has a better offer. It so happened I was away for a few days and my YES huddle was switched off during the time. When I got back from PJ, I re-started it but there was no internet access! My friend in KL happened to call and asked about it and I told him about the problem. He checked the news on YES and I was reassured it was due to a general breakdown in the system and nothing to do with mine. Well, it came on just before 5 pm yesterday.
This morning, I had no problem with it until I could not connect to any other site. I was directed to YES website where I was given the options to reload and so on. Then it dawned on me that I must have used up my quota (at least, the peak hour part). But I just could not find any option to continue under 'throttled' mode which I was used to under Maxis! Is this the main difference between the two ISP?
Actually, I chose the Rm68 pm package to try out first before I decide on an upgrade to Rm79 which is supposed to be without limit. So my impression so far seems to be that the so-called 5 GB during peak hours lasted less than 10 days of my controlled usage (ie. not viewing video clips freely). Well, it is going to be decision time, but nothing much to decide during the 2-yr contract period. Hopefully, an upgrade will solve my problem once and for all. I would not trust the top-up option, knowing full well it is going to cost a lot more instead of a known fixed amount monthly.'

Now I am wondering how long my quota is going to last before I decide to upgrade. I have yet to use up the bigger quota meant for off-peak hours.

Update on Sept 19:

Since my earlier post above, I was happy to be able to connect to YES, despite earlier notice to top-up, but experienced difficulty in re-connecting each time I have disconnected. Just imagine taking at least half an hour or more to do so. Could be due to heavy use in BG during Malaysia Day. Today, received a message from YES that I have used up 80% of my quota (pro-rated) for the month. So it is going to be very restricted use to see how long this will last. I have yet to use up my bigger quota for the off-peak hours.

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