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Government fed by the people

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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Having to admit to a nation's worst reputation

It all started with a list compiled by in which KL ranked no.1! With our craze for 1 this and that, how could being No.1 escaped the attention of Malaysians? So it went viral in Facebook and other networking sites, as well as being forwarded to friends, relatives and others on netizens' contact list.

10 countries with the Worst taxi drivers

This caught the attention of The Star and a foreign-looking journalist was assigned to test the taxi drivers. The result was so incriminating that they won beyond any shadow of doubt!

KL cabbies living up to 'worst taxidrivers in the world reputation
by Natalie Heng

Years ago, when one of Cheng's Japanese host parents (Mr. and Mrs. Fujioka) came to visit Malaysia again (Mr. Fujioka happened to be a director of Proton, representing Mitsubishi during 1988-1992), they experienced the ugly side of our taxi drivers. I highlighted it and the person in charge of taxi licences actually took action. But that was not the first, nor the last action which could hardly change anything as far as the taxi drivers are concerned. Apparently, they were upset recently when KL tried a free limited bus service.

Now that we know their weakness, an efficient alternative public transportation system is the answer to this perennial problem. The other known problem is the existence of companies owning thousands of taxi licences which they rent to taxi drivers. This has the effect of putting pressure on the drivers: to earn enough to pay for the day's rental and fuel, before they can see any money for themselves. How could they put on a pleasant disposition in their service? The answer to this, as everyone knows, is to issue licences only to those eligible taxi drivers who would invest in their own taxis and be proud to keep them in tip-top condition. London cab drivers have to go through stringent tests (which include knowledge of routes) before they could have their licences.

Incidentally, according to Jeremy Clarkson's article 'A great deal of sense'  in today's CBT in the New Sunday Times, the Italians themselves confirmed the Italians are the worst drivers in Europe! Excerpt:

"The results of a continent-wide survey are in and it's been announced that the Italians are the worst drivers in Europe.

Apparently, this is largely due to a strong showing from the Italians themselves, 28 per cent of whom said, "Yup. Nobody does it worse than us."

Wasn't that similar to what Natalie Heng just confirmed about our taxi drivers?

By the way, from my experience, the Italians seem to be the butt of jokes in Europe, much like the Irish in UK. I can still remember vaguely a Fiat car advertisement which was used (as in altered) by comedians and it went something like this: ...designed by humans, built by robots (to highlight latest technology) ... and driven by Italians (showing picture of the vehicle crashed). In another joke, with reference to Italy's record during the world wars, a comedian said the Italian cars have one forward gear and four reverse! Of course, no matter how they joked about it, the Italians can be proud of their designs in most things, and especially cars. Lamborghini and Ferrari come to mind immediately. For example, even Hyundai hired Sergio Pininfarina to design their Matrix. So who had the last laugh eventually?


Anonymous said...

There are a few good men but too few. Our inernational airport KLIA limousine taxis are the worst. I just took one last week. One door handle was missing. It was dirty, messy and smelly. The seat belt was not working but the drvier was driving recklessly.
In contrast I just came back from Taipei. The city taxis were immaculate and the drivers polite. It was a big and comfortable Toyota Camry. The fare is just similar to the city taxis fare here in Kuala Lumpur. So if taxi drivers can make a living in Taipei without scamming the passengers why not here in Kuala Lumpur.

aziz mahmood said...

the star story and commentary are not good enough. the star stop short of criticising SPAD or the government for zero action on the KL cabbies. the star is afraid to slam the government.

aziz mahmood said...

the star stop short of criticising SPAD and the government for the zero action on KL cabbies.

i think you should read this is better than the star news.

Anonymous said...

the star stop short to criticise SPAD and the government for zero action.

you should read this article.