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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Friday, August 31, 2012

When judges were bowled over...

they have set a precedent in law which has serious implications. It means any man who can afford Rm25,000 and has a 'bright' future and had consensual sex with a minor, he is likely to escape jail sentence when he commits statutory rape.

Just days after the judgment by the Court of Appeal judges involving national bowler who was deemed to have a bright future (never mind many people commented he is no longer fit to represent our country), an electrician was bound over at Rm25,000 (see the same amount?) after he was found guilty of statutory rape by a Sessions Court judge. She considered defence's reasons that 'he was young, a dropout and there was consensual sex'. Many people feel the recent judgments looked at the men's side favourably without due consideration for the under-aged girls. There must have been good reasons for statutory rape which provides for mandatory jail sentence. The judges role is to uphold the law and not be influenced by other considerations. If the law is deemed bad, then it is up to the lawmakers to change the provisions of this particular law.

I can imagine a rich young man fooling around with under-aged girls, and when caught with evidence of statutory rape, he can easily get away from being jailed based on the precedents set. Either he or his rich parents can easily afford Rm25,000 and his 'bright' future easily be verified if he is due to inherit his parent's successful business.

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