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Government fed by the people

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Career options
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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

'Janji ditepati' or Promises kept...

promises to who are being kept? BN leaders and cronies?

When Rafizi raised the matter about George Kent has been awarded the MRT contract, there were denials by Tan Kay Hock and others. But soon after, Rafizi was right, George Kent got the contract! What happened after that? Rafizi has been arrested by police because of his earlier expose on NFC which got then minister, Shahrizat into trouble because it involved her husband and children. It was clearly a case of 'shooting the messenger' when the relevant authority, MACC should have acted but did not. OSA and BAFIA seem like perfect tools for covering up corruption and preventing exposure by whistleblowers.

Malaysiakini: PKR's Rafizi arrested under Bafia
Malaysia Chronicle: RAFIZI ARRESTED after George Kent awarded LRT deal: Scorpene fear grips Najib?

When Finance Minister approved the selling of Non-performing loans by banks to third parties which included foreign entities, it was ok. There are now cases where properties have been auctioned off by third parties much to the shock of owners/chargors who thought their agreements were with the original banks. To BAFIA, disclosures of bank statements are more serious than selling NPLs! But to think of it, in Malaysia, nothing surprises us anymore, even sodomy case is more serious than murder case. I am also disturbed by a report in the internet about a robbery in which case the notebook was later traced to a house in a village and the police could not enter without a search warrant! If the report was true, then we have lost our common sense.

To ordinary folks, Rafizi's actions in exposing corruptions in high places were most commendable, but not to BN leaders who were complicit in corrupt practices. The use of BAFIA to charge Rafizi is almost certain to create a backlash against BN at the coming general elections. Najib's blatant disregard for public opinions in awarding contracts to cronies, creating tax holidays to help crony projects and so on, suggests arrogance which even the best of public relations exercise could not undo.


To his personal friend and golfing partner, Najib sure kept his promise, despite being unqualified for this particular contract:

What we cannot overlook is the damming September 2011 technical evaluation by the engineering consultant company Halcrow that George Kent was unable to handle the project’s specification. Halcrow report states :

 “On questioning the tenderer at their presentation, it was apparent that not only was there lack of understanding or aptitude for the systems integration process, but their proposed integration consultant neither understood the requirements, integration or configuration issues, nor how to manage them”.

The report further notes: “In order to meet the required key performance index for this project, there is insufficient detail to provide any confidence that there is any real understanding of the requirements, nor a demonstration of how they would attempt to deliver and manage each stage of this highly complex project”.
Halcrow, in scoring the candidates, placed George Kent third from bottom at a score of 48.91 percent. The lowest score was 42.98 percent while the highest was 83.42 percent.

What we must not overlook is that while George Kent is a company well versed with water pipes it does not appear to have any Light Rail Transit-related experience!

What we cannot overlook is that to date the largest project undertaken by George Kent was worth less than RM40 million!


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