How should we judge a government?

In Malaysia, if you don't watch television or read newspapers, you are uninformed; but if you do, you are misinformed!

"If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing." - Malcolm X

Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience - Mark Twain

Why we should be against censorship in a court of law: Publicity is the very soul of justice … it keeps the judge himself, while trying, under trial. - Jeremy Bentham

"Our government is like a baby's alimentary canal, with a happy appetite at one end and no
responsibility at the other. " - Ronald Reagan

Government fed by the people

Government fed by the people

Career options

Career options
I suggest government... because nobody has ever been caught.

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

When there's too much dirt...

When there's too much dirt...
We need better tools... to cover up mega corruptions.

Prevent bullying now!

Prevent bullying now!
If you're not going to speak up, how is the world supposed to know you exist? “Orang boleh pandai setinggi langit, tapi selama ia tidak menulis, ia akan hilang di dalam masyarakat dan dari sejarah.” - Ananta Prameodya Toer (Your intellect may soar to the sky but if you do not write, you will be lost from society and to history.)

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Some selected jokes on Malaysian politicians

1. Midnight, Najib went for supper and bumped into a robber.

Robber: "Give me all your money!!"

Najib was very angry: "I am the honourable Prime Minister!"

Robber: "Well, then ... return all my money."

2. One fine day, PM, DPM and some parliament members were on the way to a meeting where they all crashed in an accident and was rushed to the hospital.

The reporters were at the hospital, the doctor shook his head "We have done our best to rescue the PM but ..."

Reporters:"How about the DPM?"

Doctor:"We were unable to rescue him either ..."

Reporters:"Who have you saved?"

The doctor was excited: "Malaysia is now saved!"

3. Samy Vellu visited the psychiatric hospital. All the patients cheered "Hurray" for him but there is one patient who ignored Samy.

Samy: "Why doesn't he welcome me?"

Doctor: "He is now normal and waiting to be discharged today."

Meanwhile at a bar in Bangsar...

Having already downed a few power drinks, she turns around, faces him, looks him straight in the eye and says,

"Listen here good looking, I screw anybody, anytime; anywhere, your place, my place, in the car; front or back; standing up or sitting down; naked or with clothes on; it doesn't matter to me. I just love it!"

Eyes now wide with interest, he responds, "Really? No kidding, I'm from the BN too! Which state are you from?"

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