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Government fed by the people

Government fed by the people

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Career options
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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

When there's too much dirt...

When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!

Prevent bullying now!
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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Nathaniel Tan refutes RPK's allegations against PKR


From past observation, I think my conclusion is: the people with the most credibility are the ones who never change sides.

In second place are the ones who change sides only once. Anyone who changes more than that is basically a joke. ...

People tend to be unforgiving of flip-flops and people who fail to stay the course. ...

After all, one cannot credibly implicate a man in a brutal murder one day and the next happily offer him advice on how to reform his party.

The simple test is to see whether someone changes their positions based on principle, or based on expediency – the latter of which comes in many forms: money, power, and perhaps most underrated of all, ego. The former demonstrates itself through consistency, objectivity and genuine independence. ...

By my reckoning though, the motivations of his most recent comments seem at best to be fueled by the ego of a man who believes he is always right, a man who likes to be seen as someone who says whatever he damn well pleases, whenever he damn well pleases.

Now, I’m all for weeding out corruption, especially in Pakatan held states. But for corruption to be weeded out, first it has to be true :P

I can’t comment much right now on this Johan Taharin matter, as I have never heard of him. I’m not sure what use being Azmin Ali’s brother in law would be though, since Azmin holds no official posts within the Selangor state government structure. Those familiar with PKR politics would probably also doubt his ability to exert undue influence over the current Menteri Besar. If the following accusations are anything to go by, let’s just say it gives plenty of reason to doubt the credibility of the first one.

Let’s start with Derek – not Derrick – Fernandez, who wrote in an SMS, quoted verbatim:

Sallam, raja petra has written in his web site today that i get legal work from mbpj in article on his blog. The statement is a lie and false. Neither I nor my firm have ever done any legal work for mbpj . This can be verified with the mayor or en mutallib the director of the legal department in mbpj. My firm has never ever been on the panel of mbpj. An examination of the list of laywers on the panel will confirm this . Furthermore the is no such firm as derrick fernandez and co . My name is also wrongly spelt. This guy must have his facts wrong . i dont know whats his grouse .frm Derek fernandez ,Cc datuk bandar, mutalib

As for Suren:

“Raja Petra Kamarudin in making that allegation is an absolute and utter liar,” he told reporters at PKR headquarters. “I have never received any kind of legal work from the PJ City Council or Selangor government, or any government department.

“In fact, since I took up public activism in 1998, I have never received a single sen for any kind of legal work, political work or activist work that I’ve done in 13 years.”

“It’s very indicative of the kind of person Raja Petra is that he’s capable of repeating these kinds of complete lies in a public manner,” Surendran said.

Referring to one of the blogger’s allegations, he said he did not receive an “intercontinental car” after becoming a PKR vice-president, but had bought one with his own money before he entered public activism.

As for Daim & Gamany?

This firm helped me out a bit after my arrest in 2007. If I recall correctly, I went to their office then, which was quite stylish (and not, to my recollection, anywhere near the Masjid India area). I’ve also recently seen where they’ve moved to currently – which RPK rightly pointed out, is not too far from MBPJ, and is very close to my favourite chicken rice shop (Satellite) on Jalan Gasing.

This is what it looks like:

Update: Zaid described Nat as an effete snob, a pompous writer... and started a classy debate...

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