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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

My take on Raja Petra's U-turn

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Just when DAP roped in Sakmongkol and Aspan Alias , Raja Petra turned his loose canon on Anwar!

My comment in Uppercaise on 'Sakmongkol and Aspan to join DAP'

“This is definitely excellent news for Pakatan, DAP in particular. I am a fan of Sakmongkol’s objective articles which I came across from time to time, and wondered how Umno could have someone who could write so freely. It is one thing to be objective, willing to write why ‘Malays should not fear the DAP’, but definitely bold to be able to join the party. DAP sure need many more outstanding and credible Malays to project a more multi-racial image. The few Malay leaders in DAP will definitely be coveted and given chance to stand for elections and be given appropriate positions in state or even federal government! “

Personally, I am more disappointed than shocked over Raja Petra's U-turn. Many fans of Raja Petra are wondering what happened? What could have caused such a major reversal of opinion and support for Anwar? While many assumed Najib had transformed Raja Petra with his usual magic aka as price (everyone is assumed to have a price), I am of the opinion that it had more to do with RPK's son who was in police custody and rumoured to be tortured and that he had even attempted suicide. Some people could withstand personal pain and hunger strike which RPK had endured during his time in detention, but having a son who was in police custody and himself outside the country as a fugitive must have been tortuous not only for himself, but also his wife, Marina.

Nobody would deny Raja Petra had contributed much to the opposition's unprecedented victory in the last GE. Dr. Kua Kia Soong's article Looking for the good in Raja Petra in Malaysiakini spoke well of his contribution:

'I lauded his efforts to expose the illegitimate institutions of the Malaysian state: “RPK has gone beyond the sociological theses about the shared interests of the ruling elite - he has literally stripped bare the integuments of the Malaysian state; exposed the machinations of the police and the shameful harassment of whistleblowers.

“He has posed questions surrounding the unsolved murder of Altantuya that all justice-loving Malaysians want answered.” …

While Raja Petra thinks Anwar is no longer relevant, many now question his own relevance. His past exposes of BN's corruption, his 'no holds barred' and sometimes candid way of questioning sensitive issues on certain unfair implementation of Malay rights and privileges; unIslamic practices like corruption which seemed to be acceptable; and so on, matters which many non-Malays wish to but dared not touch on, were well received and many adulated him as the most influential blogger in Malaysia.

Many people think, 'Why now?' Especially, so near the expected general election. I am afraid, his revised opinion on Anwar is not going to have much effect this time round. He was interviewed by the mainstream media (against his own previous advice) just before the Sarawak state election, and that had already damaged his reputation as someone who would stood his ground since he had been right most times in his assessment of the political situation. He had proven to be not as infallible as what others perceive him to be. His meeting with Najib in Melbourne had already raised people's suspicions. His explosive U-turn in turning against Anwar in particular and Pakatan Rakyat in general is therefore not totally unexpected, though still shocking.

As far as Anwar is concerned, many people would still support him because he had been jailed for a number of years for a relatively minor offence (compared with more serious crimes committed by people protected by the powers that be); Sodomy II is perceived as persecution this time round; the relentless harassment against him by the authorities (presumably with instructions from the leaders) had led people to question whether this implies all BN leaders are without sins; and so on. People are now even saying, 'So what if Anwar is gay?' The voters are likely to be sympathetic to Anwar if the judge reached a verdict against him. This time round, Raja Petra has lost his credibility simply because the timing sucks and maybe he had been too convincing before that he could not simply undo his previous strong influence! I believe the voters have already made up their mind how they will vote in the coming GE.

Update on Jan 4: I wish to add with an improvised Margaret Thatcher quote: 'Raja Petra, you turn if you want, the people are not for turning!' The situation now is beyond Raja Petra and Anwar. If PM thinks Raja Petra's statements could change things, he would be disappointed.

Just read the following article in via Malaysia Today which has more interesting reasons (with pics) on why Raja Petra switched sides...

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