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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Cheapskates? But what if the majority seem to count their pennies too?

At least some policymakers think people in general welcome offers in one kind or another, which is why we do get free parking in certain places and during weekends and public holidays, even in KL or Petaling Jaya. 

Recently, we had to take our grandson to Centre Point in Bandar Utama for his lesson on a Saturday. It was a pleasant surprise to know that this comparatively old and small complex offers free parking on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. All we need to do is validate the parking ticket at a machine. I made a mistake once when I validated it before my wife suggested to have breakfast there and it had to be re-validated because you are given 20 minutes to get out.  

I was also surprised when I parked my car in Section 14, PJ on a Saturday and checked and found that the days of operation are from Monday to Friday!

Supermarkets like Tesco and Aeon do offer free parking for genuine shoppers and charge if any, nominal fees only. I am sure they realise that convenient and free parking is very important in luring customers to them.

On the other hand, as I have recently posted about the hard-up KTM station in Batu Gajah which imposed a minimum fee of Rm1 on all those who entered their compound, even if to buy ticket, send off or pick up people. The least they could do is to offer free entry to those vehicles who leave within 15 or 20 minutes. Such a small gesture would definitely be welcome by users. Now, I would rather be considered a cheapskate or undignified by not entering their compound if not to park my car for longer than necessary.

Many years ago, I even got a parking ticket on a public holiday during Chinese New Year from MD Kinta Barat then (now known as MD Batu Gajah). Now, with the new coupon system, it is from Mondays to Saturdays only, if I am not mistaken. I did not bother to check because I normally walk to town to avoid being caught when held up at certain offices.

MDBG is being selective in enforcing the coupon system. There are certain areas which though under their jurisdiction are not enforced but others which they are too efficient in enforcement. A friend got a ticket for parking on the roadside but too near a vacant parking lot! But the fact that people choose to park away from the parking lots suggest that most people do mind paying even nominal fees for parking, even those with expensive cars like Merc or BMW.

I dare say most people dislike 'jaga kereta' simply because of their bullying stance: either you pay or run the risk of something happening to your car. Many pay grudgingly because of this fear and not because they are being charitable to them. They deny motorists the right to free parking after hours and the worst is when they dare to charge even during official operating hours.

A few days ago, a man was beaten up for refusing to pay a 'jaga kereta' and Penang issued an advice to motorists to not pay them but report them to the police! After such a case, do you think people would heed this advice? How much can the authorities and police protect motorists from such despicable bullies? I am sure most motorists would play safe and 'jaga sendiri' by paying when 'asked' to pay. Some 'jaga kereta' can be most polite and even wish you good luck and prosperity, but would turned against you if you did not pay and wish you 'hell on earth'!

It had been a long time since we had seafood porridge in Matang, as we rather go further and have proper seafood meal at Kuala Sepetang. One evening, after picking up Cheng from Penang airport, we decided to go to Matang for porridge, mainly because of my bowel condition. There was a sign indicating a restaurant's car park. Thinking it was free, I parked the car and then only realised the man asked for Rm2, with well wishes for my prosperity! Then I realised I was being misled into it and I am quite sure the management of Lighthouse (Mr. Goh? as suggested by the free wifi username) does not charge. There were plenty of empty spaces along the public roads, why would anyone pay Rm2 per entry?


BH said...

Recently I had to do a minor operation at UH which I was told would take just a few hours, after which I would be discharged. I was told to report early and so I drove and parked my car at the UH car park before 8 am. There was a shortage of hospital beds and I had to wait till past 2 before I was given a bed. The op was done just after 3 pm. I was told that they had to keep me under observation for a few hours. I was discharged after 9 pm and when I check at the ticketing machine, I had to pay RM30.00.

KoSong Cafe said...

There are certain payments which we cannot get over... like when we had to pay Rm64 (full toll from JB to BG, compared with KL-BG Rm23.50) for having lost the toll ticket. We realised we must have lost it when my wife took over the wheel near Slim River. It must have dropped from the sunshade on to my lap earlier and dropped on to the road when I got out of the car. I even thought of going back to find it had it not been night time and I not sleepy!