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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Sunday, September 29, 2013

ROS is obviously picking on DAP

According to DAP MP, Gobind Singh Deo in his letter to Malaysiakini, 'If ROS boss still confused, he should resign' :


'ROS director-general Abdul Rahman Othman has today acknowledged that the DAP can hold a party special congress for the purpose of re-electing its central executive committee.

This is in stark contrast to what he is reported to have said a few days ago, that such an election can only be held at a party national congress.

He was clearly wrong. He should have corrected the report earlier but didn't.

He has now thought it fit to do so presumably because the High Court of Kuala Lumpur yesterday acknowledged that standing order 46 of the 1st schedule of the DAP constitution makes express provision for a central executive committee of the DAP to be elected at a party special congress.

Standing order 46 reads:

"In the case of a party special conference called for the purpose of electing a new central executive committee, standing order 43, 44 and 45 shall apply mutatis mutandis."
Abdul Rahman cannot run away from the fact that there is clear and express provision for the DAP to elect its central executive committee through a party special congress.

In this regard, orders 43, 44 and 45 apply. Order 43 says all delegates shall receive a list of the names of all candidates seeking election, which has been complied with, and orders 44 and 45 deal with ballot papers and the manner of voting, which are matters which will be dealt with at the special congress tomorrow itself.

Having realised he cannot be right on this score, Abdul Rahman changes his line of attack. He now says the DAP constitution requires a minimum 10 week notice period to be given to all delegates for a special congress.

With respect, he is again most certainly wrong.

Rule 6 of clause VIII of the party constitution says:

"At least 10 weeks before the date fixed for the party national congress, the secretary-general shall inform all branch secretaries in writing of the date fixed for the party national congress and draw their attention to sub-clause 7 and 13 of this clause."

It is obvious that this is applicable to a party national congress and NOT a party special congress.

For a party special congress, rule 8 of clause VIII is applicable and it reads:

"Notice summoning a party special congress shall be sent to all branches and delegates not less than seven days before the date fixed for the party special congress and shall state the subject or subjects to be discussed at the party special congress."

It is evident from the rule itself that all that is required for a party special congress is a minimum seven days notice.

I urge Abdul Rahman to stop confusing the public. He may be confused himself, but that's beyond our control. He cannot and must not make statements which are incorrect and squarely against our party constitution and say that we need to comply.'


I think it is certainly unacceptable for the head of a government department to behave in a blatantly biased manner. Instead of the usual instructions normally given as a matter of course, what we have witnessed recently, is a ROS head trying to entrap DAP so that it will be caught committing a technical mistake and ROS can de-register the party with glee. Why can't he be more specific in what he wants?

Last night, I watched TV2 news at 8.30 pm and prime time news included an ex-DAP Malay member shown cutting his DAP membership card into two!

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