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Government fed by the people

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Career options
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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A bit more on Amanjaya Bus Terminal in Ipoh

Having built a brand new ultra modern bus terminal in Meru and because of the lack of support from bus operators, the relevant authority flexed its muscle to enforce bus operators to use it. Of course, if the buses had to go there, more people can be seen using it, but at what cost and inconvenience?

Someone in Batu Gajah, with a plane to catch in KLIA or LCCT, could decide whether to take the Yoyo or Star Shuttle coach at their premises in Bercham; or somewhere more convenient in Ipoh town (bus operators meeting the needs of their passengers). Yoyo used to take passengers from Medan Gopeng, then at a more convenient location like Syuen Hotel and then, Fosan Restaurant.

Not anymore. Under the threat of fines for doing so, all buses and passengers have to go to Amanjaya! To get there by taxi from Ipoh city centre would cost Rm20, and at night, anything from Rm40 to Rm60. Development at the expense of public's convenience?

A friend who had to fetch his wife from Amanjaya bus terminal recently, complained that where the bus stopped, it was at an upper level while cars are allowed at the lower level. His wife who came back from a long visit to USA, had 2 baggage bags, a hand luggage and her handbag. If not for him and daughter who went to fetch her, he said it would have been a big problem if on her own, having to move the bags from one level to the next (despite lifts available) as there were no trolleys provided.


Anonymous said...

I was there recently to catch a 6 pm bus and it was raining.
There is no shelter at the main entrance where passengers drop off!
Who was the "expert" who designed the place?
It's suppose to be modern a bus terminal catering for a heavy flow of people and they do not provide a proper pick-up / drop-off area.
Don't they know about our rainy seasons?
Compare to the bus terminal in Malacca, our Amanjaya is a source of SHAME!

Anonymous said...

my daughter will arrive at Amanjaya from LCCT at 3am using Yoyo bus. I am a single mother. I have to drive all the way from Ipoh Garden to fetch her. Asking her to take a taxi is out of the question as anything can happen to a young girl using public transport at such time. Not only I need to worry about my daughter's safety at a deserted bus station in the dark of the night, I also need to worry about my own safety of a lone woman driving. Is the authority waiting for rape and robbery to happen before it realizes its stupid mistake to force people using the Amanjaya? Are there anyone in power care to listen to us?