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Government fed by the people

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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Confirmed I'm being blacklisted by Malaysia Chronicle

This morning, I commented in MC about a couple of probable mistakes in spelling in Kim Quek's article...
Battle of the Titans:

Under the heading 'Economic disease', in the first sentence, I thought the word should be 'drought' rather than 'draught'; and in the last sentence of the article, the word should be 'helm' instead of 'whelm'. Kim Quek is one of my favourite writers and the mistakes (if I'm right) could be due to him or the editors in MC, for not spotting them. My comment appeared as the second comment, but now deleted! What's so wrong about pointing out mistakes? It happened before when I did pointed out some, expecting at least an acknowledgement whether I was right or not, but none. Honestly, I do not know who is behind MC, but Raja Petra claimed it is Tian Chua's. I do not even know how Wong Siew Mei looks like, but I'm sure I am not in her good books! To counter this, I have been commenting in my own unknown blog, with link to MC if the article was from there. I am unsure if they could prevent me from doing this.

I can still remember when I commented about an article on share market by a Sam, and soon after, even the article was taken off!

The other strange thing about commenting in MC is that when I typed in my name and URL, I was informed that they have been in use (but by who? unless it is a way of blacklisting me). Then I typed in 'KS' without the URL and it appeared for a while and taken off, as I have mentioned above.

Update on Oct 1: I have just read the same article in Malaysian Insider which has the same 'mistakes' I have mentioned. In a way, it confirms the text as provided by Kim Quek. One likely reason if I may say so is that though he has written book(s), the same standard of proof reading was not applied to articles.

Update: I have just read the same article in CPI and I was proven half right: the word 'helm' was used instead of 'whelm'!



Anonymous said...

Youreexperience is interesting/arresting. I used to contribute as a Blogger -- I don't anymore. Like RPK, the MC boss is just a user of people. You are given space WHEN YOU ARE USEFUL TO SERVE HER AGENDA; othervice, sorry 4U lah!:) Hey, come over to my space and I'll assure I'l offer even tehtari' on top of free space:) -- Newsdog aka Desi

PS: WHY yr verification words so difficult wan?

KoSong Cafe said...

Thanks Desi for your comment. I have no idea about, let alone control over, the verification words set by Blogger.

There are many things which could contribute towards misunderstanding between website administrator and commentator. In the case of MC, my purpose of pointing out probable mistakes wasn't out of malice but to help them improve. I was hoping it could be an acknowledgement without publishing my comment. At least then I would have known they have got the message. I have had lots of mistakes when posting in my own blog and often some words or spellings bothered me mentally and I had to review and amend them. It is a known fact that we need others to proof-read our own work and vice versa.