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Government fed by the people

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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Spy vs Spy: Clare Brown vs Raja Petra?

The plot thickens...

Sarawak Report Stalked And Harassed In London


'Sarawak Report has filed a report with the Metropolitan Police in London after establishing proof of wide-ranging harassment by persons believed to be in the employ of UMNO in Malaysia.

The acts of illegal harassment include teams of stalkers, who have followed around after the Editor of Sarawak Report in past days, plainly waiting outside her house and then pursuing her during the day.

These persons have included a bald, muscle-bound middle-aged white man and a man of Chinese Malaysian appearance, who took photographs of her in broad daylight in Hyde park and other individuals who have followed her car.

Other forms of harassment reported are computer hacking, disruption to the radio programme RFS and what appears to be the bugging of conversations.

These matters are now being countered and are also being  investigated by a central London police station, who have put a protection detail onto the case.'

'Caught! The trap that exposed the stalkers

Sarawak Report was able to confirm the suspected stalking last week by adopting a simple strategy of meeting with a prominent Malaysian in London’s Hyde Park.

The Malaysian, who has a London home, was a social contact, but emphatically not ever a source of information for this blog.

He is a known pro-UMNO official who was previously a senior law enforcer before retirement.

Having been introduced once, over a year ago, he agreed to a social meeting near in a Hyde Park cafe, which was a short walk from his hotel.

This meeting helped Sarawak Report establish the suspected surveillance was genuine because the public cafe was in isolated open ground.

Sure enough, at least three surveillance teams were easily spotted in this open area, desperately trying to follow the journalist and to photograph the entirely innocent contact.

These teams then followed both Sarawak Report and the person met in different directions out of the park.  The identities of the stalkers have been captured on CCTV and the matter is being investigated.'

'Threatening behaviour ends in comedy

One of the stalkers on this occasion, a Malaysian Chinese man, had even tried to blatantly photograph the Sarawak Report editor and her contact by filming through the window of the cafe over the shoulders of nearby tourists.

Comically, the tourists drifted off while the photographer was still intently trying to photograph the meeting through the window and he failed to notice his ostensible subject matter was no longer there!

At this point Sarawak Report went outside and confronted the stalker who then ran away.

Nevertheless, this same individual later hung at the back door of the cafe and followed the person who had taken tea with Sarawak Report’s editor all the way back to their hotel.


Sure enough, it was RPK who proved the whole network operation when he duly reported the meeting in his blog over the past weekend.

Only Sarawak Report and the person being met had known about or discussed the rendez vous, making this blatant surveillance the only possible source of the information to RPK.

RPK named the contact as a senior from MACC official and implied (entirely incorrectly) that he was a source of Sarawak Report.  This individual has now sent legal notices to the Kamaruddin over the misrepresentation of his involvement.

We apologise to the unwitting participant in our exercise, for whom a cup of tea in the park turned out to be a baffling game of hide and seek with tough looking stalkers hiding behind trees.'

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