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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Friday, July 31, 2015

Missing MH370: finally coming to closure?

From the first report on the part of an airplane known as flaperon and a badly damaged luggage bag, found on a French island called La Reunion, subsequent reports seem to suggest that the part is almost certainly from a Boeing 777, which happened to be that of missing MH 370. MH370 was the only one out of five which is believed to have crashed into the ocean.

Relatives of the 239 passengers on board the ill-fated MAS plane have waited more than 16 months without any clue where the plane crashed. News of the latest findings, if confirmed to be that of MH370, would bring closure to those waiting for conclusive evidence of the air crash, and to give up all hope of ever finding any passenger alive.

According to Daily Mail:

'A code stamped in the metal, sweeping ocean currents and the history of Boeing 777 disasters: The evidence that is making it increasingly certain the plane debris belongs to MH370
Wing flap found 3,500 miles from last-known location of missing aircraft
Manufacturer's code reportedly found on the debris matches a Boeing 777
Ocean experts say vast currents could easily have swept it towards Africa
Malaysia Airlines jet is the only Boeing 777 to have vanished over the sea
Even the barnacles could pinpoint where the debris originated in the water'


'Eerily, a chart created by oceanographers one year ago predicted debris could end up on the island of La Reunion.

UWA oceanographer Charitha Pattiaratchi was part of the team that examined surface currants in the region around the search zone to track the dispersal pattern of any possible debris.

'Our model results that we did last year predicted that within 18-24 months after the crash, it was a possibility that it would have ended up within that region,' said Pattiaratchi, Professor of Coastal Oceanography at the University of Western Australia.'

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'How a humble beach cleaner searching for a stone to crush chillies may have solved the mystery of MH370 by Googling 'plane disasters' after stumbling across 'a weird thing on the shore'

Johnny Begue discovered 6ft wing flap which experts believe comes from a Boeing 777 like Malaysian Airlines plane

He also found a battered suitcase on the same beach as the debris, saying: 'It's really weird, it gives me the shivers'

Debris was found on island of La Reunion, east of Madagascar, some 3,500 miles from last-known location of MH370

If confirmed, a massive air, land and sea search operation is expected to get under way in the area for other debris'

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The discovery of debris wing flap has now focused attention on where in the Indian Ocean the plane - 'most likely' MH370 - might have crashed.

One possibility, which is gaining credibility, is that it came down after passing over the popular British holiday destination of the Maldives, lying off the southern tip of India.

Islanders on a remote Maldives atoll have been insisting for months that they saw a large jet with the red stripe of Malaysia Airlines jets, flying low overhead on the morning MH370 lost contact - a phenomenon they had not witnessed before.

But their reports were dismissed by their own government as attention turned to a search area some 2,000 miles south west of Australia.

The recovery of a wing flap bearing a maintenance code number that matches Boeing 777 aircraft has led to increasing excitement that the first clue has been found indicating that the missing jet had crashed into the Indian Ocean and not in the Gulf of Thailand or the Bay of Bengal.

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