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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Having Genting Bhd or Resorts World Bhd to provide transport services can ensure no fatal accidents?

This seems to be Acting Transport Minister's view when suggesting that Genting should provide transportation to the resort.

"Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has suggested that the Genting Group takes over public transport up and down the private road leading to the resort following the horrific stage bus crash that killed 37 people on Aug 21..."

Minister: Genting should take over transportation to resort

No matter which company is responsible for providing transport, accidents could happen, despite having the best condition vehicles, and the most experienced and careful drivers. At best, it could minimise the incidents. Bus operations are still best left in the hands of those with the right experience in managing such business. Even if Genting were to get involved, it has to engage those experienced in bus operations, so what difference will it make?

In The Ant Daily, Francis Paul Siah seems surprised that another bus accident happened so soon after the report on the earlier accident was out.

"Just three days after the official report of the horrific Genting bus crash was made public, another bus accident occurred on the route to Genting Highlands.
In the latest mishap on Nov 11, the 22 passengers were somewhat lucky to escape with only minor injuries after the bus they were travelling in landed on its side in a drain along Jalan Batang Kali towards the hill resort..."

Bus crashes: Zero in on bad drivers and greedy operators

My comment in The Ant Daily:

Nobody wished for accidents to happen, least of all the bus operators involved in the ill-fated accident which killed 37 people. That another accident happened just 3 days after the MIROS report, was again an accident, the cause of which has yet to be ascertained. Reading the above report, I get the impression that the writer expect no road accident can happen if every driver of any vehicle has a valid driving licence, is physically fit and sober, and the vehicle is in tip top condition! Many years ago, I was driving a Merc 240D down Genting road and its brakes got overheated causing it to be ineffective. Later, it was back to normal. This is just to show how excessive use of brake instead of low gears could cause such a hazardous condition to a normal vehicle.
Anyway, it was reported that around 1,000 people use the GH bus service daily. I am sure the decision to delay immediate suspension was due to the need for it as well as the lack of alternative transport. Even if there are enough taxis and buses available, how safe are those? As we know, there is no effective check on all vehicles to ensure each and every one is fit in the strictest sense before they are allowed to take passengers to and from GH. This is similar to the security guards who are using fake ICs. How we wish checks could be done within a day on all the 150,000 guards!
If I were the bus operators, I would just give up, simply because the onus now is going to be on the directors and/or officer in charge. Who would want to offer such services if the risk is such that he might end up in jail?
As for the standing passengers allowed in the permit, it is easy to condemn after a tragic accident. I am sure the bus operators would gladly abide by the rule of 'no standing passengers' if the fare is higher to cover for the extra cost per passenger. It was reported that the fare is only a few Ringgit and passengers can get on and off along the way. Considering the low fares and the passenger-friendly service, I think the description 'greedy operators' seem unfair. They happen to be one of the most efficient bus operators in the country and their track record had been excellent until the ill-fated accident. They can jolly well give up the business without losing sleep over the loss in income.

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