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Government fed by the people

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Career options
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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Are you satisfied and feeling secure with your smugness?

Have you come across people who seem to think everything is what it seems?

Ask them about children's education and they will reply immediately that they will go for private education, plus a good dose of tuition classes to ensure that their children will be able to compete in future. There is an assumption that private education equals excellent education and tuition classes mean one up on those who go without.

Problem with having someone to look after your tiny tots? Employ maids seem to be a definitive solution. Yet, when we think about it, we are entrusting our most precious loved ones to someone who we hardly know!

Similarly, ask them about security at their residence and they will answer confidently that theirs is a gated community or condominiums with security guards. Again, there is an assumption of guards who are well trained, and honest with integrity.

We have read of reports of burglaries in condominiums and casually commented that it could have been insiders' work, with only a hint of possible collusion between guards and burglars. Over a period of time, guards know every resident's daily, weekly or monthly movements. They know when certain units are without occupants.

We have also read of security companies trying to secure jobs in a neighbourhood, and soon after, there were burglaries or even robberies, which seem to suggest intentionally created incidents to encourage residents to employ their guards.

In UK, it is common for residents to inform their local police of the period when they are away on holiday. But in Malaysia, people would be cynical about it.

Nades's article in The Sun, 'Does your guard have a criminal record?' should serve as a warning to those who presume having security guards mean peace of mind:

"Fake MyKads had been used to seek employment in the security services sector by foreigners which reflects the lackadaisical attitude adopted by some security firms.

We lesser mortals have no way of knowing if the guards looking after our children had records for sexual offences.

Neither does anyone know if those with criminal records are put in charge of protecting large sums of money.

The authorities have pinned the blame on security firms pushing the onus on the firms to recruit guards with clean records.

While banks and other financial institutions are willing to invest in gadgets to read and verify the MyKad, many security firms seem reluctant to do the same.

That gadget is the fastest and surest way to authenticate the MyKad and why the firms have not done so is unexplainable. But there may be a reason. If such checks are carried out, more than 10% of the guards would not have cleared the first hurdle.

This is because of the admission of the umbrella body for the security firms which stated that at least 30,000 of the more than 220,000 guards are illegal immigrants, the stark truth hits you in the face.

While the home minister goes around threatening to close newspapers because its reporters are stating the truth, little or nothing has been done to purge the system of guards without proper documentation.

However, the root of the problem lies with issuance of licences for security firms. Has action been not forthcoming because of the "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" syndrome that has afflicted our society?

There are about 750 companies, almost all of whom are owned by retired senior officers from the armed forces, police officers and the Home Ministry. Hence, there is hesitancy in enforcement of the laws.

In many residential areas, security guards have been employed to patrol the streets. Is there a possibility that one of them may one day rob you and your family?

The answer is yes and probabilities are high. With security firms hiring all and sundry, what makes you think they have not hired someone with a criminal record?

With so many guards in so many neighbourhoods, the demand has been overwhelming. Security firms have to provide the manpower because it means an addition to the bottom line. With no compulsion to check or carry out vetting, the man in the guard's uniform could have been a robber or even a murderer!

As one who pays for their services, it becomes your responsibility to demand from the company details of the guards in your area and a document stating that they have clean records. Have you done it? Shouldn't you tell the guru besar of the school your children are studying to do the same?"

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