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Prevent bullying now!
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Friday, January 18, 2013

'Rm300 for Malaysian passport renewal is really worth it'

to those who travel to many different countries. Malaysian passport when compared to other countries' has the advantage of 'visa-free travel' to most countries. For instance, other nationals travelling to Indonesia require visa which costs US$25. For just 4 visits to the same or different similar countries, the Malaysian passport holder would have 'got his money back' in comparison!

For senior citizens, renewal fee for 5 years has been reduced to Rm150. This would further encourage more seniors to travel overseas. A young friend commented (based on his own parents travelling habits) that wives of senior citizens prefer to travel but not their husbands. This is debatable because the reasons could be varied depending on personal circumstances. From my own observation, often they could not stand each other already, so it could be due to the classic 'sigh of relief' when their wives decide to travel! Many people discover they could not stand certain habits of their friends when travelling. So discerning ones choose their travelling companions carefully, while some decide to opt out completely to avoid the hassles of travelling.

Recently, there was a class reunion which turned out to be a school reunion instead because many of the ex-classmates has gone to the other side. There was poor response despite an advertisement in a newspaper. Anyway, after the event, VCDs of it were passed round. One septuagenarian actually refused an offer to view it together because he did not want to see videos of old folks! This classic 'young at heart' would describe someone in her fifties as 'old lady' despite his own age.

By the way, if I am not mistaken, for those applying for passport renewal online, if your passport has more than a year before expiry, you cannot do so.

In the case of driving licence, you can renew so long as it is less than a year before expiry. This concerns mainly those who reside overseas.

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