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Government fed by the people

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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Monday, January 23, 2017

Some internet service providers seem to have overzealous marketers?

I was warned that by taking up offers of few days' internet use, if not careful, I will have automatic renewal and weekly deductions from my credit balance. Then I was told that it happened to post-paid customers only, not prepaid customers.

Recently, my YES wifi huddle hotspot kept showing the 4G connection blinking. After a few days, I decided to take up an offer of Digi's Rm3 for 50 MB (which lasted only a few hours without downloading video clips}, followed by Rm5 for 200 MB. Soon I got a notice from Digi:

   "Successfully Activated - 200 MB - 3 days (RM5)", then "Subscription fee of RM3 (excl GST) will be deducted on 21.01.2017 for the Weekly RM3 (50MB subscription. To unsubscribe, dial *116*5#."

I tried to unsubscribe but did not get a confirmation. I called the number 016 0783 001 where the message came from, as well as emailed to it, without success. I cannot help but feel as if their system is deliberately fixed to prevent that!

After reading my problem in Facebook, my daughter in Geneva responded:

   "Strange, I got SMS confirmation: Berjaya dinyahaktifkan - Weekly RM7 (350MB)." and she did not even subscribe for it!

I was so worked up that I wrote an email to complain to Digi Technical Support, asking if their system was fixed, without realising its web address has nothing to do with our local I got a reply from Technical Support Engineer, Thomas Kuhlmann, based in Germany!

I had no choice but to go personally to Digi Centre in Greentown, Ipoh. and this was what I commented in my earlier post in Facebook:

Staff cancelled the weekly auto renewals of mine and daughter's (she didn't even ask for a subscription in the first place!). In answer to my complaint of auto-renewal, she said it was in the conditions when subscribing! I am sure when accepting there was no reference to such. To prevent unsuspecting customers from unintentionally made to renew a onetime subscription (esp. unsolicited offers), Digi shouldn't have auto-renewal hidden as condition when accepting such offers.

Meanwhile, a friend told me of his experience with Maxis. He has a supplementary Maxis account attached to his daughter's in KL. On his recent visit, his daughter asked what he had been using because her bill had over RM100 extra charges for data use. He was shocked because he never use it whenever he is out because he has recently installed TM's wifi for watching films in BG. It happened because his smartphone had 'data usage' switched on! Being not IT-savvy, he said he did not do it. Unless it was accidentally done, could it be possible that Maxis could have done it at their end? Why I said this is because whenever we install any App, we have to agree to their access to our phone content! I think it is even easier for any ISP. This has the effect of me not installing anymore Apps. These days, many things are possible by those who are IT-savvy, and we have been warned constantly of this, that or the other. We are like sitting ducks waiting to be hit.

I know the sums involved are small to an individual, but with a large number of customers, they add up to substantial. More likely, there are overzealous marketers trying ways and means to increase their revenue quotas.

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