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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Friday, October 23, 2015

Tun Dr Mahathir seems like an angel when compared with Najib

Tun has had his 22 years as PM of Malaysia (1981 - 2003), ruling almost like a dictator. earning a nickname like Mahafiraun. But opposition against his rule seems pale in comparison to that against Najib now. For those who complained about Tun's iron rule, where were they then? Why didn't they do the necessary in opposing him?

We have the unusual situation where the former mentor is trying every trick to get rid of his former protege, without success. Since his retirement, he chose Pak Lah to succeed him. He managed to get him to resign (after BN lost its two-third majority in GE12 in 2008), in favour of Najib in 2009. Najib did well for Umno but lost the popular votes for BN in GE13 in 2013. After successfully replacing Pak Lah with Najib, I think Tun Dr Mahathir did not expect having such problems in trying to dislodge Najib as PM.

In old China, it was well known that a sifu would not teach every of his tricks to his toutai. This was to ensure that in case a pupil went against him, he could use the unknown tricks to beat him in any fight.

However, in modern Malaysia, a so-called best democracy in the world, but otherwise known as a guided democracy, the President of Umno (who is invariably also the Prime Minister of Malaysia), has to ensure that he, and he alone, calls the shots. During his time, Dr Mahathir introduced various measures to ensure that he would remain as PM without any effective challengers. For example, there was a minimum votes before anyone could be nominated as a candidate for presidential election in Umno. More important, as incumbent with all the powers at hand, most challengers will be discouraged one way or the other. Many people believe that he had files on key supporters to ensure their obedience.

We have seen under Dr Mahathir, how Anwar was sacked and later jailed. But there was nothing under corruption which could nail Anwar, and the infamous Sodomy 1 case was used to jail him. For being the most effective opposition leader ever, under Najib too, Anwar had to be jailed using another similar case (Sodomy 2), to put him away from the political scene.

Under Najib, Muhyiddin was similarly sacked as DPM (basically for questioning 1MDB), but still retains his post as Deputy President of Umno until the next party election. Without power, supporters are likely to shy away from him in case they get into trouble too.

Who would have thought that 1MDB, a so-called sovereign wealth fund, could turn out to be such a big problem for Najib? Instead of creating wealth, the company seems to create massive debts, guaranteed by the government. Not being efficient in financial management is one thing, but there were serious allegations of illegal transfers of funds, with some ending up in Najib's accounts! That must be the last straw, but events have proven, that it just could not break the camel's back.

By now Tun has had enough of Najib's antics. He tried every trick: from a hint or gentle reminder, to a direct attack on his character. Yet, Najib pretends as if nothing matters, and continue with his duties as PM. So far, he is alleged to have used or abused his powers to get rid of critics, investigators, and even the Attorney General! The opposition and NGO leaders can rant and rave about the injustice, but so far, nothing could effect Najib's resignation nor enforce his removal.

I suppose the law does not provide adequately for any thick-skinned PM to be removed. Before anyone in Umno or in Parliament can effectively put up a challenge, he will be cowed into submission. Ministers owe their positions to PM's goodwill, so they are unlikely to take the risk. MPs in BN too, are bound by their respective parties' rules to prevent revolt.

Najib is known to have large sums of money deposited into his accounts. There was the infamous Rm2.6 billions which has yet to be satisfactorily explained. With such deep pockets, he is able to influence and ensure that those who support him remain so, and those who are thinking of voting against him, to change their minds. As he has famously boasted: 'Cash is King'.

Najib can still be smug and confident that he will not be removed: by way of a vote of no confidence; by way of voting against his Budget proposals; by way of party elections; or even by the next General Election.

It is a wonder how any PM could withstand so much allegations against him and yet be able to remain in the position. Is it because Umno party leaders are too afraid to make a stand? Is it because BN MPs are also too afraid to go against their ultimate leader? Eventually, it is up to the voters who can decide. But our election system is so skewed in favour of BN (through gerrymandering and open money politics) that it needs a very decisive major shift in voting against BN to be able to topple it. Theoretically (based on all the least number of constituents of 112 constituencies), it has been proven that even with 17% total votes, BN can still achieve a simple majority. But practically, it has been proven in the last GE in 2013, that despite a minority total votes of 47%, BN won comfortably with 133 seats against PR's 89!

So can Najib ever be removed as PM? Time is against Tun Dr Mahathir in his last major quest, being a nanogenarian (90 years old). Maybe that was the main reason Najib can bide his time and not take action of the last resort in arresting Tun. Najib is likely to stay on until the next GE in 2018.

Depending on how one looks at it. One view is that it means he has another few years of sleepless nights to go through life. Blimey, that can be tortuous to most people, but will he feel the same? Not when compared with the frightening prospect of having to share a cell with Anwar.


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