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Government fed by the people

Government fed by the people

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Career options
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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

When there's too much dirt...

When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!

Prevent bullying now!
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Monday, September 14, 2015


I first got to know this Chinese character ('Yean' in Cantonese), many years ago, when nurse Mary, in an old folks' home, explained how the knife points to the heart.

'Yean' in Cantonese can be found in many situations and relationships (between friends, siblings, parents-children, and so on). My little knowledge would explain it to mean tolerance with patience.

In an extreme situation, this also reminds me of what my late mother used to lament (in Hokien): 'Ki si giam bo siong' which means literally being killed emotionally and even postmortem will not be able to find the cause of death. Emotional abuse can cause depression and possibly death.

These days, we sure need a lot of tolerance. Police tolerated remarkably well during the massive Bersih 4 rally, only to be spoiled by Home Minister's threat to take action against the organizers.

In retaliation, we are going to have the racial Red Shirts Rally come Malaysia Day on September 16.
The authorities could not be more biased towards the RSR, having finally given police approval. It was sort of expected, what with the DPM's and PM's tacit approvals.

Just imagine the privileges given to the RSR: no need to fear police arrest; free T-shirt, transport, plus allowance. But judging from the initial statement by an organizer and subsequent Mat Rempits' rehearsal, they appear threatening to road users and the public, unlike the peaceful Bersih rally.

I can understand why PM and DPM support RSR - simply because it is one way of showing that they still have massive support from the people. But while Bersih's was voluntary and peaceful, with many even contributed to the cause (a total of Rm2.4 million was reportedly collected), RSR will be directly or indirectly sponsored by Umno or government. The amount even caused envy and the Deputy Minister of Local Government decided to bill Bersih Rm65,000 for rubbish collection!

Not only that, even the PM complained that Bersih had been hypocritcal in wanting his disclosure of the Rm2.6 billion when they did not disclose theirs! Where is his sense of balance? Just the amounts show a difference of 1000 times, let alone the fact that secretly having Rm2.6 billion in his personal account while serving as PM is certainly more serious than Rm2.4 million which was public knowledge and will be accounted for in due course.

RSR has the added advantage of not having to be billed any garbage collection charges by DBKL, because it falls on Malaysia Day. I am still wondering why PM wants to know who contributed to Bersih 4 rally, when the people had been shouting coarse, asking about his donor(s) without getting a satisfactory explanation. In the case of Bersih, many contributed via online transfers which was convenient, and to some, probably costing a meal at the restaurant. Was there a malicious intent in trying to find out who were the donors so that action could be taken against them?

We will need a lot of tolerance and patience this Malaysia Day or is it going to be a Malaysja Day? Based on feedback, almost all non-Malay shops and offices will be closed, not because it is a national holiday, but as a precaution. Many will be staying in, not because they are not patriotic. Having seen videos of the rampage of the Mat Rempits, who would want to take risk? Invitations by the organizers and FT Minister to other races to take part came too late. We shall see their antics and how well the police will control any possible misdemeanour or even criminal act, behind closed doors.

To Ku Nan: 'Thanks, but no thanks', for the open invitation to take part in the Malaysia Day celebration.

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