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Government fed by the people

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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bukit Beruntung must be one of the most misnamed townships

Literally, in Malay, it means 'Profitable Hill'. The big project, which must have been created out of a cosy relationship between developer and the former BN state government, is believed to have caused the developer's downfall and financial ruin. Years later, the company had to be rehabilitated  with help from the Selangor government.

At the time, the hype was that the new airport will be built nearby. But as it turned out, instead of north, it went south of KL. The impact of this major mistake in guessing the location of KLIA also caused the failure of another major project, Lembah Beringin. I can still remember the advertisement over the radio when I used to drive along NSE, which boasted that the landscape budget alone was over Rm100 million and the distance is only 36 minutes from KL! Even a dedicated entrance/exit from NSE did not help the Lembah Beringin project and the listed holding company was later taken over by a HK magnate.

Bukit Beruntung's failure was a classic example of how the location (and its reputation) of properties is so important. It could mean success breeds success or the reverse, a vicious cycle of bad reputation in terms of security, which leads to low occupation rates and low rentals, and inevitably causing property prices to drop drastically. Even free rental could not attract occupants because of many cases of lawlessness: robberies and even iron grilles were stolen.

After so many years, it is surprising that efforts to revive the place were unsuccessful, especially now that people are crying out for affordable housing in nearby Klang Valley (KL and PJ).

The latest statement by MB of Selangor seems to suggest a lack of cooperation and coordination between Selangor State and Federal governments.

To my simple mind, the source of the problems seem to be security, followed by transportation, and once these twin problems are solved, the rest (purchase, rental and maintenance of properties) will follow and take care of themselves.

What is needed is a conspicuous presence of the police or even army personnel. This could be in the form of training camps or whatever necessary to have them there. There must be continuous police presence with beat bases which can prove their effectiveness in handling complaints promptly and efficiently. The place must be well lighted and if possible, with CCTVs at strategic locations.

Ideally, transportation can be served by connecting to the nearest railway station, complemented by efficient transit bus services. The rail service is under Federal control while the latter can be provided by Selangor state. For immediate results, bus services can be opened to willing operators who can provide them.

The house and apartment prices in Bukit Beruntung are so low that they are at 'a steal' prices or 'going for a song'. Present owners are just waiting for the right moment to do up their properties for either own occupation or for rental. There must be many prospective purchasers waiting to buy just before any improvement to the present dire situation.

State government could throw in some incentives like waiving outstanding assessment bills and/or lowering the rates of assessment for a limited period. Industrial lands should be encouraged with incentives to be developed. With cheap lands or factories and safe hostel accomodation for their workers, wouldn't industrialists be tempted?

Paint companies could even be encouraged to sponsor their paints to repaint public properties, in competitions or as part of their advertising expenditure.

I am sure there are many other good ideas which the public can contribute once the State  or Federal government takes the initiative, to be followed by concerted efforts by the relevant stakeholders.


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