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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A complete family reunion after more than 10 years

It was difficult to have everybody around during Chinese New Year Eve when children were either studying or working abroad.   

This year, Cheng could spare 4 days from Bangkok, to join us while CY could easily fit in when she is on 3-week vacation from Dubai.

This post is more about my experience dealing with various companies' customer service.

Having past experience and information on terrible traffic jams during Chinese New Year period, Cheng's expected arrival on CNY eve had to be planned well. It is better for her alone to be delayed than for us to be caught in jams as well. Weeks before, all train tickets from KL to Ipoh had been taken up. Managed to get a Yoyo coach ticket having taken into account her time of arrival. One good thing about Yoyo is the flexibility of choice for passenger to choose an earlier coach, if there was a last minute vacancy. I suppose they could sell the later one given up if someone happens to need a ticket. I can imagine, with the details of passenger available, the intended person could even board if he or she had lost the ticket. But this has yet to be tested.

Anyway, it was my first visit to Amanjaya Bus Terminal. I enquired at Yoyo's reception counter and was told the expected time of arrival 3.40pm. I was actually surprised it arrived on time despite the expected traffic jam. Anyway, the announcements over the PA system could hardly be heard, either because of poor voice control or unsuitable mic and/or speaker equipment. Having got a ticket upon entry to the carpark, I was looking for an auto payment machine but could not find one. I was told by a stallholder that it is free! The bus ticketing counters and the shouting by their agents were just like any old station despite the new premises.

I have a Digi number registered under Cheng's name which I ensured it is kept valid when she is abroad so that she can use it when she is back on holidays.

On her last visit, she returned to me her spare phone and I actually asked if she might need it on our way to the airport. She said no, and I remember I actually took it with me for just in case she needs it. That was all I could remember when I tried to find it a month later. With the phone battery flat, any attempt to call and hope to hear its ringing tone was of no use. As is usual with losing something, it is not so much the value of it (anyway it was a cheap phone which costed less than Rm100 and had about Rm80 in credit) but it was the idea that I could not find it which kept me thinking about it. I even sent a message to inform finder to contact me.

I asked at a local Digi dealer whether it is possible to find out the location of the phone eg. whether it is in PJ or BG. He said I must have seen too many films which showed capabilities beyond what are available.

So it was a relief when I enquired at the Digi Centre in Greentown Business Centre, Ipoh, that it is possible for registered owner to apply for a replacement sim card and that the other Digi Centre in D' Garden will be open from 10am to 10pm and closed only on Chinese New Year day. Cheng was due to be back on CNY eve for only 4 days.

When I fetched her at Amanjaya bus terminal, I told her we will be going to the Digi Centre because it has been bothering me. Each time I called that lost phone number, I got a recorded reply, 'The number you have called is unavailable.'

At the Digi Centre, next to the queue number machine, the guard was able to direct us to a special counter instead of taking a number. With the IC and phone number, the lady could easily access their system and supply us with a replacement card which costed Rm10 and that it will be activated within 15 minutes. I could not resist asking her whether the phone had been inactive for the last 2 months or so. I was surprised when she checked and replied, 'No, it had been used and the balance is now only Rm6.00'! She even mentioned it was used to call only 3 numbers late at night: 0126272367; 01132090892; and 0107641170.

I wonder how many people know that Maybank has a branch in KLCC which is open on Sunday? It was manned by 2 at the entrance to deal with credit card and ATM card matters, 4 persons at the counter, and 2 financial advisors.

It was during CNY period and on a Sunday morning, so KL was exceptionally light in terms of vehicle traffic. At the entrance of Jalan Sultan Ismail, there was an electronic message informing about 3,000 vacant parking lots at KLCC! It was a breeze, getting into the carpark and finding a space, and even though it was a tight one, we did not bother to find others. What Cheng needed to do at Maybank was done within minutes, so we were in good mood to look for brunch and then souvenirs. Leaving KLCC we even had time to look up one of my brothers for a chat before it was time for Cheng to leave for the airport.

Having experienced terrible traffic jams on our way from BG to PJ, we decided that Cheng should use the ERL at KL Sentral instead. CY actually checked the ERL times and frequency as well as how long it would take to reach KLIA2. Cheng had checked in online and had no luggage, so it should be rather straightforward, even though she had not used ERL from KL Sentral before.

But the smooth running of things had to be spoiled by a LRT ticketing woman. This was what I had posted on my FB page:

'Why some people shouldn't work at customer service and why they deserve not being promoted. Just imagine myself at Asia Jaya LRT station and asked for 1 normal ticket and 1 for Warga Mas. Was told WM could be bought from her but for the other ticket I must use the machine. 'Dia boleh baca kan?' (She can read, can't she?) There was no queue on a quiet Sunday at about 5 pm. Why do I get the impression she was either unhappy with my entitlement to half fare or jealous of the fact that the young lady shouldn't have it so easy? I'm sure a reminder that she should use the machine next time would not have spoiled my mood.'

It might be company's policy to encourage use of the machines, especially during peak hours, but chances are that now and again there will be some people who are foreign tourists or visitors from out of town, who do not know the rule nor how to use the machine.


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