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Government fed by the people

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Career options
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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Counting our pennies during hard times

Sometimes, it is amazing how we can be very calculative over small amounts, especially when we know affordability isn't a problem. I find this true with senior citizens even though their children are very successful in their business, profession or career. Perhaps, old habits die hard, when they had been through hard times years ago.

One morning, I informed a retired teacher as to where we were heading for breakfast in Pusing. His immediate reaction: 'That coffee shop? Their drinks are very expensive.' When we were at the shop, I could not resist but tell the proprietress about his reaction when her place was mentioned. All because she charges Rm2.20 for a glass of tea with milk (Rm1.50 for a cup)! When he asked the waiter about the price to confirm, he was actually about to cancel his order! The irony of it was that he is always quick to pay for a round of drinks, yet put off over a mere 10 or 20 sen difference for his own tea. When I told the couple about the proprietress's reply ('money is yours, you are free to go wherever you like'), his wife felt the reply too 'actsy' and her reaction would be not to come again!

Later in the afternoon, I was at a hawker centre near Farlim, Ipoh. A woman ordered 2 items of 'kueh', followed by her husband who ordered another 2 items. When asked for the total amount, she mentally calculated and said, Rm4.30. When he asked for details, stall woman wrote out the details to make sure and came up with Rm4.70! The man blew his top and scolded her for giving a higher figure instead!

When I was in Malacca, I lost my temper too, over the parking charges, even though it was surprisingly cheap compared to KL or PJ. The reason? I read the sign at the entrance which stated that the first hour is chargeable at Rm1 and subsequent hours at 60 sen per hour or part of an hour. The poor attendant had to explain that it had been changed and gave me a printed receipt which clearly stated 8 x 1.00. I felt bad, especially in the presence of a new friend, but the management should have changed the outdated rates shown on the sign.


mayling said...

It is not the amount, you feel cheated. Seniors have persecution complex. Or we want fair treatment?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is persecution complex. Or wanting fair treatment. Seniors have more time to compare and choose their favourite drinking place. Why pay more? Wouldn't you want to have the best value for money? And arrogant sellers. I, for one, would not step into a shop with arrogant bosses, no matter how good the food is. Buying a round f drinks is a different matter altogether. Maybe they are taking turns to pay for food and drinks during their weekly or daily gatherings. So seniors are not looking for fair treatment but they just want fair play. After all they have years of experience and tons of knowledge among them.