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Government fed by the people

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Career options
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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sakmongkol AK47: DAP and The Malay Voters of Teluk Intan

'The choice of Dyana Daud as its candidate for Teluk Intan is both practical and strategic. It was not a choice that went down easily among the DAP grassroots initially. Eventually as I have noticed over and over again, the wisdom by the DAP’s CEC prevailed.

As Teluk Intan is a majority Chinese seat, it was logical to put up a Chinese DAP candidate. It is also an incumbent seat held previously by the late Seah Leong Peng- a DAP MP. Putting up a Chinese candidate would have definitely secured Chinese support in any circumstances; but the political impact would just be that- DAP once again would have confirmed its legitimacy as the preferred choice by Chinese. It would only reaffirmed DAP’s Chineseness at the expense of improving its image as a party working on a bigger national presence. A bigger national presence that can be gained by promoting a Malay candidate.'

'Support from the Chinese in Teluk Intan is just an academic point. If the Chinese had voted for Mah Siew Keong, he would have won on the last two previous occasions. The fact that he did not, showed that he has no powerbase among the Chinese. He cannot get Chinese support and he is contesting against a Malay who will get Malay support- how can Mah wins?'

'Malay factor a bigger national presence and national interests.

The decision to field Dyana Daud confirms that DAP acknowledges the Malay factor as a reality in Malaysia politics. Putting up a Malay candidate has the immediate effect of breaking up the UMNO stranglehold on the Malay mind-set. It is indisputable proof that DAP is committed to strengthening its Malaysian ideal of inclusiveness - something that UMNO is afraid to do. Teluk INtan Malays will see this move as a much sacrificed concession on the part of the DAP and this goodwill can only invite reciprocal goodwill. It will attract more Malay support in Teluk Intan.

DAP makes no pretentions that it wants to attract more Malay support. There is nothing wrong with this. Choosing a Malay candidate is a move that takes out the thunder from UMNO. It is now UMNO that is caught out with its Malay-first in everything cause. It is now having difficulties in explaining why it, as a champion for Malay first in everything is asking Malays in Teluk Intan to vote for a non-Malay? UMNO unlike DAP is a monolithic bloc comprising of Malays only, real or adopted or made honorary. Their founding principle does not include it being a multi-racial party. While I concede that UMNO may say it wants a multi-racial nation and its 1 Malaysia this and that, DAP has more positivity because it is itself a multi-racial party and is committed to a Multi-racial nation.

The practical thing is, it breaks down the mental block among Malay voters and steals the thunder from UMNO.

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