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Corruption so prevalent it affects English language?
Corruption is so prevalent it affects English language?

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When there's too much dirt...
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Prevent bullying now!
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Friday, February 07, 2014

Dr Wong Chin Huat shares his knowledge and expertise on EC's next constituency redelineation exercise

Excerpt from The Nut Graph:

'Redelineation was last completed in the Peninsula, Sabah and Labuan in 2003 and in Sarawak in 2005. So the whole of Malaysia is now eligible for another exercise, after a mandatory interval of at least eight years.

The delineation process consists of two parts: apportionment and districting. Apportionment refers to the allocation of constituencies by an administrative unit, while districting means deciding how the boundaries should be drawn to create those constituencies within the administrative unit. From apportionment arises the problem of malapportionment, and from districting, gerrymandering.'

Uncommon sense with Wong Chin Huat: Constituency redelineation and citizen vigilance

Other points which I found educational:

A seat increase (amendment to Article 46) would need two-thirds approval in the Dewan Rakyat, while constituency redelineation requires only a simply majority.

'In the United States, the House of Representatives today has 435 members as it did in 1911, even though the US population has tripled over the century.
Malaysia today has one parliamentarian for every 63,167 voters. By our standards, India’s Parliament should be 11,000-strong, but its size is capped at 552 members. '
'Without a seat increase, redelineation will have to be purely an adjustment of boundaries to correct excessive malapportionment and gerrymandering. On the other hand, a seat increase allows the EC to easily create winnable seats for the BN. Over time, Umno has contested more and more seats, from 40.26% of Parliament’s total in 1974 to 46.89% in 1986, and to 47.92% in 1995 and 53.42% in 2004.'

'It is, therefore, suicidal for the PR to support an amendment to Article 46 to increase the number of seats. The Article should, indeed, be amended, but instead of increasing the total seats, seats should be taken from over-represented states like Pahang, Perak and Johor and given to under-represented states and territories like Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.'

'The third type of gerrymandering is the partitioning of neighbourhoods, such as housing estates and villages, leaving one half to one constituency and the other half to another. In addition to that is the “teleporting” of voters, where some voters are shifted to neighbouring constituencies on the electoral roll, even though their families who registered under the same address stay put.

One such example involves a Mr Ong who lives in 278-D, Kampung Abdullah, in Segamat. Before the 2003 redelineation, Mr Ong and his entire family were voters in Segamat (then code-numbered P125). After the redelineation, Mr Ong found himself staying put in Segamat (now P140) while his wife and siblings were all transferred to the newly created Sekijang (P141). Did the EC draw the constituency boundary in such a  way that it cuts through the house, and even Mr and Mrs Ong’s bed, such that you have “one bed, two constituencies”?'

Eg. of an interstate malapportionment
'An average parliamentary constituency in Selangor had 93,129 voters, while that of Johor had only 61,743, less than even two-thirds of Selangor. Such a disparity is called.'

Eg. of an intrastate malapportionment
'...within Selangor, the largest constituency – Kapar – now has 127,012 voters, while the smallest – Sabak Bernam – has only 37,318, less than a third of the former.'

'Dr Wong Chin Huat is a Fellow of the Penang Institute, a Penang government think tank. He is passionate about electoral reform and is a pro bono consultant for the civil society group, ENGAGE, on the upcoming redelineation exercise.'

I think we should be grateful to Dr Wong, for all his efforts to ensure fairness in the next redelineation exercise. We should do our part, where necessary, by taking part in the process.

A flowchart by Dr Wong in Facebook, to help us in understanding the process:



Anonymous said...


Ko Song,

It looks grand when editors of our

local newspaper talk about

electoral delienation [wong ch] ,

or liberal rights [june wong aka

wong ping gan].

That is not even important or

merits a discussion. Look I spend

some time at Maastricht and

am impressed with the

national emphasis , whether in

their newspaper , mass media or


It is always about what Holland is

good at.

Holland is No 1


1.cut flowers industry

2.irrigation and agriculture


3.aspartame -the artificial

sweetener industry produced by the

once gigantic Dutch Coal Mines.

Holland is also worlds 's Top 10

1. Shell oil

2. Phillips Electronics based at

Eindhoven [not v far fr Maastricht]

3. Good universities [ Delph (which

RVB -now Maastricht was part of),

Rotterdam, Amsterdam ,Den Haag .

They may not be listed

in Times but they do not accept

foreign students in their

agriculture faculties!

4. Big in Fund management-

probabably have pension funds

bigger than our national economy!

Now, what is Malaysia No 1 in or

used to be No 1 in:

1. Tin [destroyed by Mahathir's


2. Rubber [ not sure now]

3. oil palm [ probably overtaken by


4.Fake goods industry [just today I

heard in the news some factory is


5, Human Trafickking Industry

6. Sundal business -Flesh trade

[agents for prostitution]

7. Gambling and gaming industry per


8. Corruption on a corporate scale,

companies stealing from the eople.

During Mahathir's regime, licences

were issued for Da Ma Cai,

Sports Toto [extended business] ,

Magnum [expanded business]

Note:During my childhood days the

only gambling was restricted to

a 2 day a week "Tiga ekor' with top

prize of RM 500, and a monthly

social welfare lottery ticket.

Nowadays , gambling windows can be

7- day a week under a pretext

of CNY, Happy happy or

special draws. All the chingkies

have to do is bribe the ruling

party or the gomen officers!

How does corruption on a corporate

scale takes place?

Surprisingly your taikoon freind

Koon yew Yin never mentioned

it. Privatisation without benefits

to the gomen is purely


Look at how many piratisation has

taken place?

PKFZ, Indah Water[ now


Unaudited of prize over collection

on gaming is another big corporate

corruption. Regular punters

on the number ekor alerted me to

this issue. The prizes were minute

compared to the collection by

Sports Toto, Da Ma cai and

Genting 4D. There has never been

a declared policy on this issue.


The editors of Star are all big

prostitute writers- writing or not

writing bad about corporate tricks

and shenanigans. Instead Je Wong

Ping Gan and

high faluting Wongy talks about

electoral delienation and catholic

updates and made up catholic

rights. An honest and credible

analysis on catholicism

is comprehensively presented by Ian

Buchanan in 'Anak Si hamid' blog!

The BS written by those 2 Wong-ies

are put simply, dustbin material!





Holland is Top 10

Anonymous said...

I see this commentator with the obscene nick have landed on this blog....after being "chased" out from other places, heheheh.....padan muka....suruh tukar nama tapi masih degil lah.....all his comments macam nama dia lah...full of sh*t !!!